All Night Wrong: Umphrey’s Cover Show

Last night Chicago-based sextet Umphrey’s McGee kicked off their first full tour of 2012 with not one but two performances. In addition to a full two-set show at First Avenue in Minneapolis, the band also played a show billed as “All Night Wrong” at the nearby, and tiny, 7th Street Entry.

[via @JeffersonWaful]

Fans attending the All Night Wrong performance were given ballots in advance and told to pick six covers from a lengthy list. Here’s the covers from Umphrey’s vast repertoire that made the cut…

Set: YYZ, Breathe (dub), Waiting Room, Billie Jean, Immigrant Song, Cocaine, Comfortably Numb, Moby Dick*, All Night Long, Making Flippy Floppy

Encore: Burning Down The House

* – w/ Jake Cinninger on drums

[via The Bort]

LD Jefferson Waful had fun with the All Night Wrong pun and tweeted punny titles for each tune the band played…

Set: Why, YZ?, Sneeze (dub), Weight Room, Billy Beane, Immigrant Schlong, Novocain, Comfortably Dumb, Moby’s Dick*, All Night Wrong, Making Flippy’s Posse

Encore: Byrning Down The Blouse

*Drake Cinninger on drums

Umphrey’s McGee returns to First Avenue this evening.

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