Metallica’s Orion Festival @ Bader Field – June 23 & 24

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Legendary metal act Metallica are headlining a new festival called Orion at Atlantic City’s Bader Field on June 23 and 24 according to an announcement on the band’s website. Metallica will play both nights and will perform The Black Album in its entirety for the first time on U.S. soil on one night if the event and Ride The Lightning in full on the other night.

Here’s the list of the acts that will play at Orion besides Metallica…

Arctic Monkeys • Avenged Sevenfold • Modest Mouse • The Gaslight Anthem • Cage The Elephant • Fucked Up • Best Coast • Hot Snakes • Titus Andronicus • Gary Clark Jr. • Lucero • Roky Erickson • The Black Angels • The Sword • A Place to Bury Strangers • Liturgy

2-day passes will be available for $125 through the band’s Met Club fan club, while tickets will cost $150 for the general public when they go on sale on February 11 at 10AM ET. Metallica has a long history of performing at festivals across the globe, but this is the first time they are involved with curating and running the festival themselves.

The Metallica event is one of four for which promoter Starr Hill Presents has obtained permits. Two of the four are scheduled to take place in September, while the other – set for June 15 – 17 – will feature Phish according to Press of Atlantic City columnist Pinky Kravitz (who previously pegged the dates as June 22 and 23 so don’t go booking any non-refundable arrangements).

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6 thoughts on “Metallica’s Orion Festival @ Bader Field – June 23 & 24

  1. Evan McEneaney Reply

    What a terrible, terrible line up of bands. Here you have the biggest metal band in the world and they decide to throw their own festival… and who do they have come and play? A bunch of indie rock bands mostly. How weak is that? What a blown opportunity to promote up and coming metal acts and promote heavy music in general. Metallica are pathetic, washed up for over 20 years now. I wish they would just retire and go away so I can hold the best memories of them intact. Instead they just ruin things, not just for themselves and for fans, but for everyone interested in heavy music. I know they have NO obligation to have serious metal bands on the ticket, it’s THEIR festival… but it speaks VOLUMES when they pull this sort of thing.

    • shawn Reply

      couldn’t have said it better myself!!!!

  2. Amy Reply

    Hey Evan, don’t hate. I’m glad to hear Metallica still doing shows, and despite the line-up being mostly of bands from a different genre, I think it will be a great success. It is kindof offbeat, I agree. Metallica and Cage The Elephant, really? Where is Ozzy? Wait, nevermind Ozzy..

  3. WeWant a METAL FESTIVAL! Reply

    I agree with Even. Ozzy and his wife understood where there music belongs. Metallica is so rich they let all the sucess go to there head. I will be at the show it will be my 21 22nd Metallica show over the past 15 years. But they have lost touch with there fan base and there root. They are lost. They could help Motorhead and other less known bands get exposer. Amy you are not in the music scene Metallica has been playing shows the for the past 5 years and only took off for the rehab. the Band playing this show called Fucked up is a Joke!! Who ever supports them has shit for brains. Horrible. Ill be enjoying the festival atmosphere till 9. Avenged Sevenfold and the Sword are the only acts of worth this show. I guess its all about getting bands you can pay 500 bucks to play so Metallica can keep they rest. Hail sharon Osbourne she knows how to put a festival for Metal together to bad they gave it up even if Ozzy doesnt Play Im sure you can get tool, slayer or Megadeth, Lamb of god to headline. Bring back a Large Metal show. Lamb of God is ready to be crowned the Kings of METAL!!!!!

  4. henry burdsall Reply

    I agree lineup SUCKS !!!! But still going because AVENGED SEVENFOLD is the greatest BAND out today

    • Hahb7shx Reply

      I totally agree do you have to go both days or can you just go one day? I only want to see them!

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