Rules For Tonight’s Trey Orchestral Show Interpreted

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Tonight, Phish front man Trey Anastasio continues his first-ever symphonic tour at Heinz Hall in Pittsburgh, where he’ll be backed by the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. PSO staff has been trying to prepare Phish fans by providing an email filled with information about what they can expect at the venue in hopes the crowd won’t be as raucous as those who hooted and hollered at last Thursday’s tour opener. The DJs for Pittsburgh radio station WDVE’s morning show had fun with the email and interpreted it for “hippies.” Take a listen to this surprisingly hilarious segment…

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7 thoughts on “Rules For Tonight’s Trey Orchestral Show Interpreted

  1. ericwyman Reply

    Finally, someone who gets Phish satire!

  2. Jeremy Reply

    Gotta give it up to WDVE. I grew up on that station, and I am happy to see they are still bringing it. 🙂

  3. DKinPA Reply

    As a local, i must say, WDVE’s morning show is really good. Especially compared to most local morning shows.

  4. JP Reply

    Trey knows you love him. There is no need to shout it out during the quiet parts. He is playing through a small amp only with no PA assistance so if people yell and shout you won’t be able to hear any of the music.

  5. Dustmang Reply

    Randy Bowman, the voice of the male host, is professed and long-time Phish Head, and therefore spot on with the humor. Nice to see the Burgh gets it!

  6. Veruca Salt Reply

    You want the hippies to be quiet, don’t serve alcohol.

  7. Aaron Reply

    The idiot behind me kept yelling “love you Trey!!!!”….at one point I said “he doesn’t love you!” then I thought, did I just say that out loud? Many others kept getting yelled at for taking pictures, talking on their phones, putting their feet up on the balcony, etc….and then they would laugh, almost as if rebelling against the general etiquette of a symphonic performance was somehow cute and funny…”awww man….break the rules man….far out man…ah no way man….” There was also an idiot that felt inclined to dance during two songs. I overheard some also comment on how the songs just didn’t sound the same….NO SHIT!

    I also love how people were shouting out songs for him to play.. With what you saw last night, how much orchestration do you think went into this? My guess is a ton….this isn’t the type of gig where you have a bunch of bust outs…I think the sets will be the same for the next two shows as well.

    Musically speaking, one of the better shows I have been to…the amount of restraint Trey showed is probably quite hard to do but the focus truly was on the symphony and I thought it was a class move on his part to spread the message on how these institutions are vital to keeping a segment of culture intact.

    I thought he was gracious and humble and thoroughly enjoyed what he was doing. I think it would be easy to hide behind a guitar but when he shed the axe for the vocal crooning during which would have been the YEM vocal jam, I thought he showed a lot of courage. Let’s face it, he sings to convey his stories and imagery, not because it is his strong suit…

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