Phish Summer Tour 2012 – Leg One: The Tour Dates and a Look at the Venues

While we’ve known Phish would tour this summer since December, the when and where of Phish Summer Tour 2012 has been unconfirmed until now. Phish has just revealed their plans for the 19-show first leg, which kicks off on June 7 at the DCU Center in Worcester and runs through a three-night stand at SPAC on July 6 – 8.

This tour finds the quartet returning to a number sheds they generally hit each summer but skipped in 2011, namely Deer Creek, Alpine Valley, Jones Beach and SPAC. Atlantic City’s Bader Field is the newcomer to the pack and will host its first Phish shows on June 15 – 17. CID Entertaiment is offering travel packages, long distance shuttles and hotel deals for these shows.

According to a press release, additional summer dates will be announced this spring.

Here’s the full list of tour dates announced today…

June 7 and 8 – DCU Center, Worcester Massachusetts
June 10 – Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, Manchester Tennessee
June 15, 16 and 17 – Bader Field, Atlantic City New Jersey
June 19 and 20 – nTelos Pavilion, Portsmouth Virginia
June 22 – Riverbend Music Center, Cincinnati Ohio
June 23 – First Niagara Pavilion, Burgettstown Pennslyvania
June 24 – Blossom Music Center, Cuyahoga Falls Ohio
June 28 and 29 – Klipsch Music Center, Noblesville Indiana
June 30 and July 1 – Alpine Valley, E. Troy Wisconsin
July 3 and 4 – Nikon at Jones Beach Theater, Wantagh New York
July 6, 7 and 8 – Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Saratoga Springs, NY

A pre-order lottery for tickets to every show on the band’s docket has started via Music Today and you can put your entry in through March 12 at 11:59AM ET. Once again Phish has offered different prices for pavilion seats and for lawn seats at these summer sheds. While face for lawns is $45, pavilion seats will go for $60. The public onsales are set to take place on March 16 and 17.

Phish Summer Tour 2012 Announcement from Phish on Vimeo.

Here’s a look at the venues Phish will play during the first leg of the tour…

DCU Center

[CC-BY-SA-3.0  /PVMOutside at Wikipedia]

Capacity: 15,000

Previously at the DCU Center:  12 Shows – 12/31/1993, 12/28/1995, 12/29/1995, 11/28/1997, 11/29/1997, 11/30/1997, 11/27/1998, 11/28/1998, 11/29/1998, 02/26/2003, 12/27/2010, 12/28/2010,

Seating Chart:

[All Seating Charts via]

Skinny: A rare set of indoor summer shows, this marks Phish’s first gigs at the venue formerly known as The Centrum since a two-night run that kicked off the 2010-2011 New Year’s Run. An important show in Phish history took place at the mid-sized arena on December 31, 1993, a sold-out performance during which footage was shot for the Down With Disease video that debuted on MTV the next spring. A mini-tradition of a three-night Thanksgiving Weekend at The Centrum was established in 1997 and 1998. A February 26, 2003 show at the venue saw the band dip into each member’s solo repertoires for a song a piece.

Bader Field

[Photo of DMB Caravan @ Bader Field by Jeremy Gordon]

Capacity: Estimated at 60,000 / DMB Caravan Drew 72,000 Total Over Three Days

Previously at Bader Field: N/A

DMB Caravan Site Map:


Skinny: Phish returns to Atlantic City less than two years after a three-night stand at Boardwalk Hall which marked the band’s first-ever shows in the Jersey Shore city. AC is filled with hotels and motels of all shapes and sizes, giving fans many options. Bader Field was first used as a venue for one of the four DMB Caravan events last summer and will be back in action the weekend following Phish’s appearance when Metallica headlines and curates the Orion + More Fest.

nTelos Pavilion

[Photo by Kenny Pusey for Hidden Track]

Capacity: 6,500

Previously at nTelos Pavilion:  2 Shows – 06/15/2010, 06/19/2011,

Seating Chart:

Skinny: The smallest venue on this tour, Phish first visited the nTelos Pavilion in 2010 and clearly liked it enough to come back the next two summers. Tickets were hard to score leading up to the 2010 show, but in ample supply the day of the concert. That situation repeated itself in 2011. A memorable 2011 performance took place on Father’s Day and opened with a Harpua that featured the band members’ fathers.

Riverbend Music Center

[Photo via TravelPod]

Capacity: 20,500

Previously at Riverbend: 2 Shows =  09/20/2000, 06/05/2011

Seating Chart:

Skinny: A huge shed in the Cincinnati area that opened in 1984, the Riverbend Music Center is a scenic venue located on the banks of the Ohio River. Phish first performed at Riverbend on September 20, 2000 and last summer’s stop marked the quartet’s first return trip.

First Niagara Pavilion

[Photo via Mr. Miner’s Phish Thoughts]

Capacity: 23,000

Previously at First Niagara Pavilion: 6 Shows = 08/13/1997, 08/11/1998, 07/21/1999, 07/07/2000, 07/29/2003, 06/18/2009

Seating Map:

Skinny: After three years, Phish will return to the Pittsburgh-area amphitheater where they’ve played a total of six shows. Originally known as Star Lake Amphitheatre, Phish first played Burgettstown on August 13, 1997 and treated fans to a one-time-only cover at that show (Elton John’s Amoreena) and subsequent performances in 1998 (Bob Marley’s Trenchtown Rock), 1999 (Pavement’s Gold Soundz) and 2003 (Elvin Bishop’s Fooled Around and Fell in Love). Burgettstown is located approximately 30 miles from downtown Pittsburgh.

Blossom Music Center

[Photo by Joe Ringus for Hidden Track]

Capacity: 19,263

Previously at Blossom: 5 Shows – 07/31/1992 (Opening for Santana), 06/20/1995, 09/18/2000, 06/12/2010, 06/04/2011

Seating Chart:

Skinny: Phish returned to this Cleveland-area shed in 2010 and 2011 after a layoff of nearly a decade. Both of the recent performances were outstanding as the band treated fans to a barn-burner in 2010 that included the only version of Look Out, Cleveland to date and the debut of Instant Karma! as well as a heavenly take on Backwards Down The Number Line. Last year’s scorcher included the famed “When Harry Met Sally” segment and a ridiculous Possum that segued into the debut of Steam.

Klipsch Music Center

[via Klipsch Music Center]

Capacity: 24,000

Previously at Klipsch Music Center: 20 Shows = 06/19/1995, 08/12/1996, 08/13/1996, 08/10/1997, 08/11/1997, 08/02/1998, 08/03/1998, 07/25/1999, 07/26/1999, 07/10/2000, 07/11/2000, 07/12/2000, 07/21/2003, 07/22/2003, 07/23/2003, 06/23/2004, 06/24/2004, 06/19/2009, 08/12/2010, 08/13/2010

Seating Map:

Skinny: Yet another venue with a new name since Phish’s last visit, this Indianapolis-area shed was originally named Deer Creek and was known as Verizon Wireless Music Center until this past November. Phish has played a total of 20 gigs at Deer Creek with the first one taking place on June 19, 1995. The area around the venue was filled with cornfields back then and in more recent years suburbia continues to sprawl towards and into Noblesville. Last summer was the first time the band didn’t hit Deer Creek on one of their summer jaunts since they made their debut at the venue.

Alpine Valley

Capacity: 37,000

Previously at Alpine Valley Music Theater: 13 Shows – 08/10/1996, 08/09/1997, 08/01/1998, 07/24/1999, 07/08/2000, 07/18/2003, 07/19/2003, 06/25/2004, 06/26/2004, 06/20/2009, 06/21/2009, 08/14/2010, 08/15/2010

Seating Chart:

Skinny: Here’s another venue that Phish has hit every summer they’ve played shows with the exception of 2011. The group first played the huge amphitheatre on a ski slope in 1996. Memorable performances include a quadruple encore on July 24, 1999 and the shows that led to the release of Live Phish Vol. 5 (July 8, 2000) and Phish – Alpine Valley 2010 (August 14 and 15, 2010).

Nikon at Jones Beach Theater

[CC-BY-SA-3.0/R. Sullivan at Wikipedia]

Capacity: 15,000

Previously at Nikon  at Jones Beach Theater: 11 Shows – 07/12/1992, 07/24/1992, 07/23/1993, 07/15/1994, 06/28/1995, 06/29/1995, 06/02/2009, 06/04/2009, 06/05/2009, 08/17/2010, 08/18/2010

Seating Chart:

Skinny: From a set at H.O.R.D.E. on July 12, 1992 through a two-night stand that brought Summer Tour 2010 to an end, Phish has played a total of 11 shows at Jones Beach. Located approximately 35 miles from Times Square, Jones Beach went Phish-less from a two-night stand in 1995 through a three-night run at the start of Summer Tour 2009. Though the group came back the next summer for the aforementioned Summer Tour 2010 closers, at which a fan leaped from the venue’s balcony, they did not play Jones Beach last summer. Bear in mind this venue is located in a State Park and patroled vigorously by rangers.

Saratoga Performing Arts Center

[CC-BY-SA-3.0/Matt H. Wade at Wikipedia]

Capacity: 25,100

Previously at SPAC: 9 Shows – 07/27/1992, 07/10/1994, 06/26/1995, 06/19/2004, 06/20/2004, 08/16/2009, 06/19/2010, 06/20/2010

Seating Chart:

The Skinny: Opened in 1966, Saratoga Performing Arts Center, aka SPAC, sits in the middle of Saratoga Spa State Park in Saratoga Springs, New York. Phish made their first visit to SPAC as an opening act for Santana on July 27, 1992. They came back for a headlining gig on July 10, 1994 and then another show the following summer (June 26, 1995). Nearly nine years later Phish finally returned to SPAC for an epic two-night stand on June 19 and 20, 2004. As with Deer Creek, Alpine and Jones Beach, the quartet has played this venue in 2009 and 2010 and not in 2011.

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  1. @Bret their 3-set shows have been slightly more expensive (NYE/Halloween/etc.) over the last 3 years ($75vs$60) and all three single day tix are $60. Hopefully wrong, but looks like 2 sets each night based on that.

  2. I was just wondering why anyone thinks there is going to be a second part of the tour? Does it say that somewhere on their website?

  3. It seems to me that Phish summer tours have sadly become nothing more than a money grab for the band to quickly rake in enough money to sustain their other interests and life styles. If this were not the case, they would not continue to saturate the same areas with shows. If they were doin’ the damn thing, as it were in years past, they would, at the very least, try to hit up parts of the country that had been neglected in the last tour or two. They are simply playing in the same areas over and over and over. Seems like the band that we all love and devote so much time and money to simply does not care about letting all of us see them play. If you want to see a few Phish shows, you must either live in the Northeast or spend crazy amounts of money and vacation days just to squeeze in 1-3 shows a tour (or a year for that matter). They do not care!! I am sick of this pattern myself. I will always love their music, but I am not quite sure that “OUR INTENT IS FOR YOUR DELIGHT” is a phrase that rings true anymore. I hope that the Leg 2 dates blow this rant of mine out of the water and proves me wrong. Although, I highly doubt it.

  4. Can you please post the copy of the press release that states “additional dates will be announced”. I’m just a little skeptical being that I can’t find that anywhere on their website. As always, you continue to do a great job and are almost always my first stop for my Phish news. Thanks Scotty.

  5. Fantastic work, Scotty. Really enjoyed reading about all the venues. Looking to hit a few I have never been to this year (Riverbend and Blossom) so it was helpful.

  6. @lepht. Maybe check out all most every tour ever, thhey always start in the northeast work west (leg 2) and come back. So sorry its not 1997 anymore sorry they dont play Kansas anymore but get over it they already told us this year they would be touring less in 2012 and by staying close to home that makes it easy for them oh and if you dont want to go stay HOME. Im so sick of these kids saying “im done with this band” Well put your $$$ where your mouth is and stay the F home we dont need a whiney vet there anyways!

  7. bethel woods rocks.
    i know they can fit it in on both sides
    phish and the town.
    oh buy the way EASTCOASTRULES#1111!!!!!
    thanks for keepen the home fires burnin.
    see yall at spac.

  8. bethel would be awsum! keep it up, if we buggem inuff mabe ower wishes will come true. this is from a fan goin 17yrs. strong.
    no dout ill see yall at spac.

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