Robin Pecknold Quits Twitter

HT faves Fleet Foxes frontman Robin Pecknold has quit Twitter. Both his @rpecknold and @oldrobinaccount personal feeds have been deleted. The @FleetFoxes account is still up and running, but the last tweet came on Feb. 21.

Fleet Foxes recently announced the departure of drummer and vocalist J. Tillman, who has launched a solo project, Father John Misty.!/fleetfoxes/status/162349270719148034

Tillman’s exit isn’t the only change Pecknold is adapting to. The recent Portland transplant from Seattle apparently ended a longtime relationship with a woman. Before deleting his Twitter account, Pecknold tweeted a note about being single for the first time in several years and posted the song below, Olivia, In A Separate Bed.

This image also apparently shows a recently cleanly shaven Pecknold, who appears to have ditched his trademark scraggly beard.

Pecknold’s tweeting was always top notch and favorite follow of @Hidden_Track, we hope he comes back to land of 140 characters sooner than later.

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