Picture Show: Soulive – Bowlive III Night Two

Bowlive III continued last night at Brooklyn Bowl, where Soulive welcomed back guests Nigel Hall, Luther Dickinson and John Scofield over the course of the show. Among the notable moments were Hall lendings his talents to a cover of John Lennon’s Jealous Guy, Scofield and Hall on the guitarist’s original Hottentot, a take on Spanish Castle Magic featuring Dickinson and both guitarists joining the band at the same time for The Night Time Is The Right Time to end the first set.

[All photos by Phrazz]

Karen Dugan has a full recap of Night Two over at Royal Family Records’ blog.

IClips.net webcast last night’s show and will webcast all 10 Bowlive III performances. Karl Denson, Big Sam and Rahzel are the guests scheduled to sit-in tonight at Brooklyn Bowl.

Here’s a full gallery of snaps from Night Two thanks to Nick “Phrazz” Fitanides.


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