Strangefolk Rehearsing For Reunion at The Barn / Announce Archival Release From 1998

As we reported in January, the original lineup of Strangefolk will reunite for the first time since 2000 for three performances in New England at the end of March. Reid Genauer, Jon Trafton, Erik Glockler, and Luke Smith are currently scheduled to play a pair of shows at Higher Ground in Burlington on the 29th and 30th as well as a March 31 gig at the State Theatre in Portland, Maine.

Pete Mason of PhanArt recently interviewed founding member Reid Genauer about the upcoming reunion for Hidden Track and Reid revealed that Strangefolk is rehearsing at The Barn in Vermont, a space used by Phish to record several albums that has also hosted a number of legendary musicians such as Toots and The Maytals, Herbie Hancock and The Rhythm Devils.

Genauer explained why Strangefolk chose to rehearse at The Barn, “It was a great choice on several fronts.  For one thing it’s an amazing space, beautiful, quirky, inspirational.  Maybe more to the point, it is in the middle of nowhere so there were no distractions – just us, our instruments and our songs.” Reid told Mason the band members literally did not leave the space, “[We] rehearsed 12 hour days, slept there, woke up, caffeinated and did it again.  It was special.” You can read more of Pete’s chat with Reid on Monday afternoon, so be sure to check HT next week.

UPDATE: The band has just announced a new archival recording from December 27, 1998, featuring the original lineup, will be available for purchase through iTunes and starting this Tuesday, March 13. Here’s the full scoop…

From a Press Release…

The reunion of Strangefolk’s original lineup has caused a palpable buzz with the community of like-minded “strangers” who, over a decade ago, gathered together around their favorite band.  The reunion shows – two nights at the Higher Ground in Burlington, VT, and one at the State Theatre in Portland, ME – were instant sell-outs.  In recent interviews, the band has credited their reuniting to industry vet Pete Shapiro, who originally got the band members on a phone call to talk about the possibility of playing his soon to be reopened Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, NY.  To honor Pete, to acknowledge the historic venue, and to provide fans with a blast from the past, Strangefolk dug through their archives and will be releasing a recording of their December 27, 1998, show at the Capitol Theatre.  The re-mastered soundboard recording will be available through iTunes and this Tuesday, March 13.  CDs will be available at upcoming reunion shows only.

Album highlights and track listing are below


The Capitol Theatre
Port Chester, NY

Recorded by Nat Koren to 2-track DAT.
Mastering and Post-production by Ben Collette at The Tank Studio, Burlington, VT

Disc 1:
(Set One)
Stout Hearted Man
Chasing Away
Great Long While
Crest of My Wing

Like You Anyway

Disc 2:
(Set Two)
Mud Spring Draw
The Shooting of Dan McGrew*
Cabin John
Blue and Grey

Disc 3:
(Set Two cont.)
Strange Ranger
See To
Reuben’s Place**
Heart Blood
So Far Gone***

*”The Shooting of Dan McGrew” – a narrative by Yukon poet Robert W. Service – was recited by Luke with Reid and Jon playing ambient music.
**Reuben’s Place includes “What Say You?” lyrics.
*** “So Far Gone” includes “Shift My Step” lyrics as well as an extended jam,  clocking in at 25+ minutes.

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