Stormy Mondays: The Concept – Supergroup Featuring Ivan Neville, George Porter Jr., Questlove and Eric Krasno

Continuing to look back at the Ghosts of Jambands Past, this week’s Stormy Monday focuses on what was once a staple of the scene: the super group. Time was you could expect a one-off collaboration of talented groovers from different generations to come together for a benefit gig, a celebration or a festival spot (festival all-star jams were a must have and a big draw). Those days aren’t entirely gone—all-star lineups certainly populate the Jazz Fest late night scene, and they’re still a feature of the NYC music world—but somehow the mystique and excitement just isn’t what it once was.

[Photo of GPJ and Kraz from Bowlive by Phrazz]

When they were in their prime though, and the stars were aligned, you could get something as phenomenal as The Concept: George Porter Jr., Eric Krasno, Questlove, Ivan Neville, Bill Summers and Casey Benjamin. It was a 2002 gig at BB King’s and the band just killed a night’s worth of great material, most of which was admittedly standard fare for a super jam, played with the slickest flair. Featured here is the second set closing Everything is Everything and the encore, Chameleon, along with Slippin’ into Darkness from the first set. It’s a funky good time, so as always, enjoy!

For the full show, from a different source, check out Scott Bernstein‘s recording.

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  1. Dan – Absolutely love your SM column and thanks for keeping it up!

    Curious about your point that the mystique and excitement around supergroups isn’t what it once was. Is it that there are too many of them, or they pop up TOO frequently to be special? Doesn’t seem like it’s a gone-away concept, on the flipside, seems like there are more “supergroups” — or, at least, new combinations of various bands’ members playing original music or concept covers — than ever now.

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