New OHMphrey Album – Posthaste – Due April 4

OHMphrey, a prog-heavy group featuring Kris Myers, Joel Cummins and Jake Cinninger of Umphrey’s McGee along with Chris Poland and Robertino Pagliari of OHM, will release their second album – Posthaste – on April 10. The new album contains nine instrumental tracks, two of which were recorded live at San Diego’s Winston’s back in 2009.

Track 1 Devils in the Details
Track 2 The Sun Also Rises
Track 3 Tom Bombadil
Track 4 The River Runs
Track 5 The Shoemakers Back
Track 6 Ramona’s Car Wash
Track 7 Reggaelic
Track 8 Firestarter (Live Version)
Track 9 20/20 (Live Version)

You can sample the new album through MagnaCarta’s website.

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