Keller Williams Welcomes Mike Gordon at Higher Ground

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We were surprised Mike Gordon and Keller Williams didn’t spend any time together on stage earlier this month at Jam In The Dam. The two made up for it last night at Higher Ground in Burlington, where Keller welcomed the Phish bassist Mike Gordon for a pair of covers and an interesting jam that linked the two tunes at the end of the first set. Cactus emerged on guitar at first while Williams handled bass duties for a take on I’m Yours by Jason Mraz. Take a look…

Keller Williams and Mike Gordon – I’m Yours

Following the Mraz cover, Gordon took a solo on one of the guitars Keller had set up on a stand that was tied into a horn-like effect as Williams scatted and beat boxed along. Finally, Mike and Keller teamed up for a cover of Steppenwolf’s Born To Be Wild in which they played bass and guitar respectively.

Keller Williams and Mike Gordon – Jam > Born To Be Wild

Next up for Keller Williams is a performance at Fools Fest in Clemson on March 31.

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