Peach Music Festival Announcement Delayed

As we reported earlier this month, the Allman Brothers Band and Live Nation are teaming up to throw The Peach Music Festival at Montage Mountain in Scranton, Penn. on August 10 – 12. The event’s website was launched a few weeks back and contained a counter set to expire at noon today when the full lineup would be announced. Just as the counter reached the four minute mark, the countdown timer was removed in lieu of a message saying, “Fear Not Peach Fans. Full lineup coming soon.” Apparently we’re not getting the announcement we thought we were today.

Considering the late hour at which the countdown timer was removed, we can’t help but think Gregg’s injury – which kept him out of last night’s Beacon finale – was part of the reason why the announcement was delayed. Let’s hope Gregg gets well soon and that we get the Peach Music Festival lineup sooner rather than later. A rep for the festival responded to fan inquiries about the timing of the announcement on the event’s Facebook page, “not today, but soon.” We’ll keep you posted.

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2 thoughts on “Peach Music Festival Announcement Delayed

  1. jsf3000 Reply

    A Peach Music Festival…with the Allman Brothers…Not in Georgia…but in Scranton, Pennsylvania? WTF?

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