The Morning Benders Change Name To POP ETC

Recently, the band now formerly-known-as The Morning Benders announced they had changed their name to POP ETC. Comprised of Christopher Chu, Jonathan Chu and Julian Harmon, the band chose to take the opportunity to adopt a new moniker before the release of their upcoming follow-up to their excellent 2010 album Big Echo. As detailed in a lengthy post on the band’s old website, the cause of the change centered on their use of “benders” which carries a homophobic association in parts of Europe and the U.K. An impressive new mixtape can be downloaded at their new website, and a new Twitter account @popetcetera has been further updating details of the band’s new name and music.!/popetcetera/status/184027514895745024!/popetcetera/status/184041259302789121!/popetcetera/status/184053397283020800!/popetcetera/status/184057087482011648!/popetcetera/status/184072767895908352!/popetcetera/status/184111606865723392!/popetcetera/status/184286469605695491!/popetcetera/status/184298958238130176!/popetcetera/status/184301279403716612!/billboard/status/184446313755197443!/popetcetera/status/184449010550050816!/popetcetera/status/184664419270262784!/popetcetera/status/184713826153934849

Christopher Chu has always done a great job manning the band’s Twitter feed and so far the new name hasn’t changed that. Make sure you’re following @popetcetera and @Hidden_Track and let us know what you think of the band’s new name.

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