The Q: Return of the Phil Lesh Quintet

At 1:30AM ET this morning, which we do realize was still April Fools Day in California and are hoping this isn’t a cruel prank, the Terrapin Crossroads Facebook page posted a status update that simply read “look at the website…” When you head over to, visitors are greeted with big news from Phil Lesh, who has revealed that the “Q” will be getting back together for the first time in nearly a decade to play a run of shows at his San Rafael venue on April 26, 27, 28 and 29.

For those unfamiliar with Phil Lesh’s long running quintet, it featured Jimmy Herring and Warren Haynes on guitar, Rob Barraco on keys and John Molo on drums. The band was put together by the Grateful Dead bassist for his Fall Tour 2000 jaunt and was considered by many Deadheads, including our own Chad Berndtson, to be the best of Phil’s post-Jerry bands. Ever since parting ways in 2003, Phil fans have been pining for a Q reunion and will finally get their wish towards the end of the month.

According to Phil’s post, which for the record is dated “April 2,” these quintet shows are just the beginning of a slew of Terrapin Crossroads events that will include Rambles, the Fellowship (Lesh family band), Telstar (electronica/free improv), Terrapin All-Stars (local musicians), and many more (jazz and wine-tasting, brunch with gospel music, chamber music, etc.) Ticketing information for the return of The Q shows will be announced later today, unless of course this was all a devious April Fool’s Prank but for the record The Q members don’t have any shows planned with their main bands for those dates.

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8 Responses

  1. That’s great news and all, but what they really need to do is take it on tour!

    This is one of the few bands that could reunite after so many years without skipping a beat.

    Heck, they’ll sound better than they did ten years ago.


  2. I with burnthday Looks like anyone who cant make it to his venue will never see him again. Thats ok bc Im good on paying 65 ucks to hear a 70 year old man scream into a mic when he couldnt even sing to begin with 40 years ago. and Warren stick with ABB and the Mule you are no jerry hell you’re not even “fake Jerry”

  3. @Kyle, If you can’t say nothing nice, don’t say nothing at all! Plenty of folks willing to fill them seats, Jerry’s up there smiling right now! Remember, if Jerry were here right now… oh yeah, he’s not… And if he was, he’d be playing with Phil, so…. Fare thee well

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