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Looking for a hip new bag? Do you sneak a cigar when he’s not around? I suppose those two questions sound quirky together but I found the newest craze in bags recently – Lisa Marie custom design cigar box purses. They’re chic and sturdy, and not your average bag. At first glance, the case sounds like a fashionable club accessory, but these designs display anything from classic advertisements to a Tiffany art motif. The look can satisfy any taste…smoker or non. When I meet Lisa in a restaurant in Boston, she was carrying one of her custom cigar box purses. It was truly amazing how many people, both men and women, approached Lisa and inquired about the purse. Well, it is an uncommon combination.

Lisa Marie is the owner and designer of Cigar Ladies. Her inspiration came when she herself was in the market for a new accessory. She made the first cigar box purse for a friend and received so much admiration that she created a couple more. Soon after that, she went to a fashion show for new designers and several boutiques from around the country began to contract her for her designs.

When examining these bags, it is evident that each purse has superior “craftwomanship”. Lisa described the various stages of design as the most unique aspect of the cigar box purses. “Each purse entails a process of design, handle making, fabric lining, and protective coating.” It is this attention to detail that augments the intricacies and general sassy designs. The outer case is designed to withstand weather and scratches. And not only is the wood durable, the clean polish magnifies the embellishments on the box itself. A varied pattern of modern wood, blown glass, or hand-strung vintage beads are attached to tasteful chains. In order to form the beautiful handles. The interior of each cigar box is hand-lined with chic fabrics to ‘perfectly accentuate the uniqueness’ of each box. Custom compartments create space for your cash, ATM card, chapstick, keys…or whatever your carrying. And as a special delight, a light, but natural, sweet cigar-scent lingers on your personal items and adds a rush of pleasure to those that experience the whiff when the purse is unlatched.

Check out the website for the latest designs and order information. To guarantee an original, each cigar box purse is personally inspected by the designer, as well as signed and numbered. Custom orders and logo’s are available too.

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