Alive Inside: The Power of Music

If you’ve come across Hidden Track, odds are you understand the power of music. Whether you’ve had a bad day that listening to a fantastic album or attending an unbelievable show has turned into a great day or bonded with a friend over the music of your favorite band, there’s a hard to describe emotional aspect that music brings out in us. This afternoon a video has gone viral showing the effect of music on an elderly man at a nursing home who seems tuned out to the world around him unless you play him some tunes. We all know how powerful music can be, but it’s still amazing to watch its effect.

Alive Inside – The Power of Music

You might have noticed neurologist Oliver Sacks in the clip. Sacks’ 1973 book Awakenings was made into a movie starring Robin Williams. The famed doctor went on to write a book called Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain which explores the connection between music and the human brain.

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