Yahoo Gets Weir’d: Portal Makes Deal with TRI Studios

Somewhere, failed webcasting service Moogis founder Butch Trucks is kicking himself. CNBC has just confirmed that Bob Weir’s high-tech TRI Studios has inked a third-party revenue-sharing deal with Yahoo Music. TRI will get access to the portal’s 34 million monthly visitors, while Yahoo will split online revenue with the streaming service. Weir and the TRI team have put lots of money, CNBC says $5 million, and thought into offering high-quality video and audio streams that exceed what we’ve seen from other services. “Bobby and TRI Studios are interested in bringing the highest-quality sound to the audience when they want and where they want on it and on any device they want it on, and we’re enabling them to interact,” TRI President and CEO Chris McCutcheon told CNBC.

[The Inside of TRI Studios]

For a recent webcast from TRI Studios featuring Weir and indie musicians from Brooklyn called The Bridge Session, Yahoo dipped its toes into the webcasting waters by partnering with TRI to show the live stream. Bobby sees the deal with Yahoo in line with the patronage deals seen more frequently in the classical music world as opposed to traditional sponsorships. Weir and McCutcheon spoke with CNBC during an interview that aired today and can be viewed through the news network’s website.

While Yahoo remains the fourth most visited site on the web, the company has undergone rounds of layoffs and financial issues over the past few years. Since TRI’s debut a little less than a year ago, the service has offered both free and pay-per-view webcasts from the likes of Slightly Stoopid, Furthur and Ratdog. Future webcasts are scheduled from Lukas Nelson as well as God Street Wine.

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