Uncle Syd’s Carnival of Horror

Come one, come all, you must answer the call
for the Carnival of Horrors has arrived
just come right in and you will witness some things
that will show you what it means to be alive

Just get right in line
there is plenty of time
for all to see the show
just file right in
and pay the man
in the funny hat as you go

Now take your ticket and place it on your tongue
sit back, relax and enjoy
watch as the universe unfolds before your eyes
and life becomes a toy

Create a reality of your own design
bend and shape it as you wish
let your mind run free and soon you will see
that nothing is more simple than this

Illusion, illumination, suspended reality, animation
the colors of the rainbow printed across the sky
a mischievous sparkle locked in your eye

Delusion, exclusion, an organized confusion
paranoia is overwhelming
but restful is your understanding

Insightful, delightful, erotic, powerful
all senses switch to overload
as if at any second you are going to explode

Awakening soul grants a heightened ability
to hear, touch, smell and see
and a reorganized mind can decipher yesterday

to see how tomorrow will be

But you must concentrate or you are dead
there is a labyrinth up ahead
the climax of our fantastic show

If you can maneuver your way
to see another day
then blessed you are as a fact

For not all can escape
from the Carnival of Horrors
with their soul and their sanity intact

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