Briefly: The Bridge to Return @ All Good – One Night Only

We were sad to see Baltimore-based jam band The Bridge take their ball and go home last year, especially after putting out the fantastic National Bohemian LP. Despite playing what was billed as their “final show” last November in their hometown, the group will reassemble for one night only to perform at this summer’s All Good Festival – their eighth All Good appearance in a row.

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  1. The Bridge played a “Reunion” set July 21 2012 at the All Good Music Festival, which was recorded by Scheduled just before the Allman Brothers, The Bridge played with great restraint, like a Ferrari being driven at 35mph down Main Street. This may have been their best performance EVER. Can you folks at Hidden Track reveal the set-list? It was not printed on the CD cover.
    P.S. Just my luck to discover one of the best bands in the world AFTER it breaks up…

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