Video: Umphrey’s Crew = Finger Tight – Fearless

Attendees of last night’s Umphrey’s McGee show at George’s Majestic in Fayetteville, Ark. were treated to a setbreak performance by the members of the band’s crew. Calling themselves “Finger Tight,” the crew members covered Fearless by Pink Floyd. Light designer Jefferson Waful played keys, monitor engineer Bob Ston handled bass duties, sound engineer Chris Mitchell tackled percussion, tour manager Bobby Haight got behind the kit while guitar tech Andrew Queen (electric) and stage manager Robbie Williams (acoustic) both played guitar. Williams and Waful sang. Take a look…

Finger Tight – Fearless

Umphrey’s band members Jake Cinninger (sound), Ryan Stasik (lights) and Joel Cummins (monitors) handled the production elements while their crew members performed. The last Umphrey’s crew jam took place on March 4, 2008, when they played the UM chestnut G-Song.

[via The Barn Presents]

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  1. HaHa Mark. Umphrey’s members were on Lights and Sound for this. The camera operator of this particular youtube is a fan, that’s me, dgold. I was also running another camera for Ustream, and just ran back inside from setbreak to hit “Record” on this with a tilt. More videos from the Umphrey’s run, on my youtube channel Enjoy

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