Love For Levon: Our Staff Weighs In On Helm, Pt. 2

We’re still shaken up over here at the loss of Levon Helm. As writers, we’re easing our pain by putting our thoughts and memories about The Band drummer and Midnight Ramble host down “on paper.” Last night HT founder Slade Sohmer eulogized Helm and earlier this afternoon three contributors shared their memories for our Love For Levon series, which continues now.

Jeremy Gordon

This past November I had a chance to go down to Zuccotti Park and watch Jackson Browne and Dawes perform to the remnants of Occupy Wall Street. Speaking to the members of Dawes afterward, I was struck by how excited they were for their upcoming Midnight Ramble with Levon. The opportunity for a young band to become friends with and connect with a legend doesn’t come around very often and I think it’s this reason not only fans, but also fellow musicians are feeling such sadness today.

[All Photos by Jeremy Gordon]

Another of the many musicians to sit at the Midnight Ramble was Phil Lesh (and his sons). And as Phil Lesh is currently borrowing from Levon’s model with his own Terrapin Crossroads,  Levon borrowed right back by recording and performing the classic dead tune Tennessee Jed on his Electric Dirt LP.  Helm and his band covered the song on the Late Show With David Letterman…

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  1. Mark,

    I booked the Dreyer Brother to open for the Band at the Lonestar.Small world. Great that you were there! I don’t remember a thing!

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