When Your Old Tapes Come To Life: Phish @ Arrowhead Ranch (July 21) w/ Giant Country Horns Video Surfaces

One of the first Phish tapes I ever owned was a crystal-clear soundboard recording of the group’s second set at Arrowhead Ranch in Parksville, New York from July 21, 1991. I wore this tape out with a quickness and loved hearing Phish perform with the Giant Country Horns during their only tour with the three-piece ensemble. While video of the previous night’s show has circulated for years and years, I had never seen video of that famed second set from the second night until today.

A YouTube user by the name thegreatboognish has uploaded 75 minutes worth of footage containing the whole second set from 7/21/91 as well as the four songs that make up the double encore. While the footage was shot from relatively far away, it’s still absolutely amazing to see this classic show come to life, especially with a soundboard soundtrack. Towards the end, Phish welcomes “Steve-O from New Orleans” out to play washboard on Gumbo, Touch Me and Suzy Greenberg.

Take a look…

Phish – July 21, 1991 II and E

Set: Tweezer > I Didn’t Know, Runaway Jim, Lawn Boy, The Sloth, Esther > AC/DC Bag > Contact > Tweezer Reprise

Encore 1: Gumbo*, Touch Me*

Encore 2:  Fee > Suzy Greenberg*

* – w/ Steve-O on Washboard

[Hat Tip – @gr8fulgolfer]

There’s also footage from the whole first night (7/20/91) on YouTube.

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3 thoughts on “When Your Old Tapes Come To Life: Phish @ Arrowhead Ranch (July 21) w/ Giant Country Horns Video Surfaces

  1. Augustus Westus Reply

    Ahhh yes… The Arrowhead. Many memories of this little upstate field. Saw Blues Traveller and the Dreyer Bros there one rainy summer night around this time. My friend wandered into into an all-night drum circle up on the hill and, well, kind of ended up in a police station handcuffed to a radiator. All was well in the end, but what an evening. I also clearly remember a really cute girl wandering around with a dog named Sophie – and maybe a guest appearnce by Roger Fox… Good times. More vid from this era please, Mr. Boognish.

  2. Shockadow Reply

    The Boognish provides!!!

  3. Jake Reply

    A must see, even if only for Fishman’s wild dance during the sax solo in “Touch Me.” Priceless!

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