Stormy Mondays: Ghosts of Jambands Past – Project Logic

Continuing along with this year’s Ghosts of Jambands Past theme, this week Stormy Monday turns to Project Logic, the rotating groove collective that was DJ Logic’s brainchild. The band was only around for a few years but worked up a nice repertoire of deep beats and soaring, spacey tunes, including a pretty diverse set of covers, from Miles Davis to Phish, many of which are featured here.

The band also often boasted special guests such as Vernon Reid, John Medeski, Marc Ribot and Eric Krasno, although the sound was always guided by Casey Benjamin on sax, flute, keys and effects. (Benjamin is now a main voice in Robert Glasper’s recent freak-out fusion work, and it’s a pleasure to be able to catch with some regularity again.) Although neither are featured on this recording from Charlottesville in 2001, I also had my first exposure to Skoota Warner and the great Melvin Gibbs through sweaty nights of Project Logic at The Wetlands.

The Michelle > Everybody from the opening suite is especially good here, as is the French Quarter from later in the set. Plus there are nice versions of both JJ Bailey > MMW’s Bubblehouse and Page’s Cars Trucks and Buses. Settle in, ‘cause it’s a long one this week, and as always enjoy.

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  1. Project Logic was one of my favorite bands I all time. These guys were tight and all the shows had slammin energy.

  2. I agree! I saw PL then Galactic in back to back nights at the higher greound. Both were on week nights and at the time i live 2hours away from burlington so we drove back after each show

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