Dave Matthews Plays Obama Fundraiser in Seattle

Seattle resident and rock superstar Dave Matthews has been a supporter of President Barack Obama since the American head of state defeated Hillary Clinton in the 2008 primary season. Yesterday, Matthews helped the President in his bid for re-election by playing a 30-minute set at an Obama fundraiser, which was held at the Paramount Theater in Dave’s current hometown.

[Photo of Dave Matthews @ DMB Caravan AC by Jeremy Gordon]

The event, which saw 1,800 guests pony up at least a thousand dollars a piece, was billed as “Lunch With President Obama.” Matthews opened with Don’t Drink The Water, complete with a few This Land Is Your Land lyrics. From there, the DMB front man tackled Dive In, Save Me, Where Are You Going, Sweet (featuring Matthews on uke),¬†Woody Guthrie’s Rye Whiskey and his newest tune – Mercy. You can watch video of the whole set thanks to YouTuber caprisonne327

Dave Matthews – Lunch With President Obama Set

Set: Don’t Drink The Water, Dive In, Save Me, Where Are You Going, Sweet, Rye Whiskey Mercy

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