Dave Matthews Plays Obama Fundraiser in Seattle

Seattle resident and rock superstar Dave Matthews has been a supporter of President Barack Obama since the American head of state defeated Hillary Clinton in the 2008 primary season. Yesterday, Matthews helped the President in his bid for re-election by playing a 30-minute set at an Obama fundraiser, which was held at the Paramount Theater in Dave’s current hometown.

[Photo of Dave Matthews @ DMB Caravan AC by Jeremy Gordon]

The event, which saw 1,800 guests pony up at least a thousand dollars a piece, was billed as “Lunch With President Obama.” Matthews opened with Don’t Drink The Water, complete with a few This Land Is Your Land lyrics. From there, the DMB front man tackled Dive In, Save Me, Where Are You Going, Sweet (featuring Matthews on uke), Woody Guthrie’s Rye Whiskey and his newest tune – Mercy. You can watch video of the whole set thanks to YouTuber caprisonne327

Dave Matthews – Lunch With President Obama Set

Set: Don’t Drink The Water, Dive In, Save Me, Where Are You Going, Sweet, Rye Whiskey Mercy

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