Benevento, Martin and Wood – Dream Pairing in Brooklyn

Last night at the Masonic Temple in Brooklyn, HT faves Medeski, Martin and Wood brought many of their musical friends out for a show billed as “Medeski, Martin and Wood + ?” as part of the Undead Festival. The inventive three-set format featured the trio improvising in the first set, guests replacing members of the trio in the second set and guests joining MMW in the third set.

According to our pal Jeremy Welsh, the second set started off with Anthony Coleman replacing John Medeski, continued with Oren Bloedow sitting in for Chris Wood followed by Calvin Weston covering Billy Martin’s spot. From there, HT fave Marco Benevento guested on keys for a riveting segment with Martin and Wood. The last two segments featured Medeski, Martin and tuba player Bob Stewart and then Medeski and Wood with drummer Adam Deitch.

We came across a clip of Benevento, Martin and Wood…

Marco Benevento, Billy Martin and Chris Wood

Third set guests included Miho Hatori, So Percussion, DJ Logic, Charlie Burnham and Chuck Campbell as well as Living Colour guitarist Vernon Reid. We hope a recording surfaces soon.

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