Friday Mix Tape: When I’m At The Pearly Gates

The past few months the music community, the country and even my circle of friends has been inudated with the subject of death. It is often the center of art, ranging from morbid and morose to glittering tributes to visions of the after-life. It is the inevitable for which we all wait. People’s view on the subject often ties into their belief structure, which garners another whole world of emotions and subjects. In short, death is heavy, and this mixtape is a smattering of songs on the matter.

I went for a few that everyone knows, a few everyone should know and some under the radar sketches of the next life. This mixtape is dedicated to Adam Yauch and Maurice Sendak, two gentleman who made my youth and so many others that much more magical.

At The Pearly Gates by Scott Bernstein on Grooveshark

1. Videotape-Radiohead
2. See That My Grave Is Kept Clean-Blind Lemon Jefferson
3. Do You Realize?-Flaming Lips
4. Happy Phantom-Tori Amos
5. 0 Death-Ralph Stanley
6. What Sarah Said-Death Cab For Cutie
7. Funeral For A Friend-Elton John
8. Blowin In The Wind-Bob Dylan
9. When The Roses Bloom Again-Wilco
10. I Shall Be Released-The Band
11. Black Muddy River-Grateful Dead

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