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The publicity tour for Gregg Allman’s My Cross To Bear autobiography continued last night, when the legendary rocker appeared on Conan O’Brien’s TBS show. Unlike Allman’s past late night visits, he went on Conan without a band in tow and didn’t play a single note. Instead Gregg sat for an interview with O’Brien who peppered him with questions about the good old days.

Allman seemed very subdued and soft spoken. He talked about revisiting old Allman Brothers Band recordings and advised the audience to use headphones when listening to music. Comedian Bill Maher, another guest on last night’s episode of Conan, weighed in on how Stormy Monday from At Fillmore East helped him score women. If you missed it, here’s a four-minute segment from the interview…

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  1. Sure wish he had sang a tune from the new album. (I know he says he is clean but I’m not so sure. Did anyone else notice that?) What a voice and talent….wow!

  2. One of the best interviews. I laughed so hard I was gasping and crying for air.Having Conan, Gregg,Bill and
    Andy there made this a classic.

  3. abb is one of my old time greats,did not know that gregg laugh that much! good interview and the book my cross to bear a must for abb fans and all fans go to moogis to here a dream of butch trucks the abb at your own home,check it out…rock on abb…….peace out tuna

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