HT Giveaway: Catalpa NYC Music Fest

HT faves Umphrey’s McGee, The Black Keys, TV on the Radio and Cold War Kids will join dozens of bands on Randall’s Island in New York City from July 28 to 29 for the first-ever Catalpa NYC Music Fest. The new event boasts an eclectic lineup featuring over 40 performers from many musical genres including blues, rock, hip-hop, electronic, reggae and indie.

In addition to the music, Catalpa organizers will debut a structure known as “The Afterburner” as part of the Arcadia Spectacular art installation at the site as well as the 60 ft. inflatable Frisky’s Church of Sham Marriages if you feel the sudden urge to get hitched. There will also be a Silent Disco Tent, a Reggae Stage curated by High Times and A Taste of New York featuring food vendors from the city’s top quality eateries.

While tickets are currently available through the festival’s website, we’ve got a pair of tickets to giveaway as part of our Everybody Wins When We Plug Something And In Return They Offer Us Free Shit To Give Away program. To enter our contest, simply leave a comment below telling us which band you’d be most excited to see at Catalpa and why. You can enter a second time by leaving a similar comment on the wall of the HT Facebook Page. The contest entry period closes on Friday, June 15 at 11:59PM ET. After that, we’ll tally all the entries from our comments section as well as Facebook and pick one winner at random.

Here’s the fine print…

  • To enter the contest, leave a comment below telling us which Catalpa act you’d be most excited to see and why
  • You can enter a second time by leaving a similar comment on the wall of the Hidden Track Facebook Page
  • Your comment(s) must be left by 11:59 PM EST on June 15
  • Anybody entering more than once a piece on Facebook and at the bottom of this post will be disqualified, tarred and feathered
  • One winner will get a pair of general admission tickets to attend the Catalpa Music Fest
  • HT staff members are not eligible to win

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49 Responses

  1. im most looking forward to girl talk, as Im curious to see how different his lives sets can be from the albums he gives away. Plus wit a huge sound system and lighting GT would bring down thehouse!!!


  3. Even thought The Black Keys are my fav of all the performers listed I’d most like to see TV On The Radio because seeing a New York band in NYC is on my “rock & roll things to do” list.

  4. I’M SUPER EXCITE3D TO SEE SNOOP DOGG AND AUNT MARTHA. Snoop is the coolest guy to watch on stage. And literally every single song on my Top 25 Most Played Playlist on itunes is Aunt Martha. I’ve never seen them live before but they’re all I’ve been listening to. I’m soooo excited. please help me get there. =)

  5. The Black Keys….they make so much noise for just two people and I my ears would be so happy to hear that live!!!

  6. I would be most excited to see The Dirty Heads, I love their tracks and think it would be awesome live. Picking just one is very difficult though! The whole lineup is amazing.

  7. TV on the Radio – haven’t seen them in 5+ years – would love to see first hand some of the newer material.

  8. Umphrey’s Mcgee because not only are they my favorite band, but they opened me up to the entire festival/jam scene

  9. Umphrey’s would be the band most interested in seeing but also pyched about black keys and snoop!!

  10. Toss-up between the headliners, A boring choice I know, but never seen the Keys live and “Doggystyle,” I mean, come on!

  11. A$AP Rocky *tilts head in shame*

    Ticket price is too rich for my blood. Would be very grateful.

  12. Umphrey’s McGee!! with honorable mention to the Black Keys. While I’ve seen and enjoy both bands I’m more excited for UM to take the stage at this great event. Anyone in the scene knows UM has been on fire for quite some time now, putting on great shows tour after tour. I was lucky enough to see the Keys in Philly before Brothers was released and the storm of popularity started. I’m happy for them but after seeing them in the smaller setting I cannot get used to the two of them on the massive stage. As for UM they deserve all the attention they can get and this is an amazing opportunity for them. Playing with all of these ‘popular’ acts is huge and I hope it does them good. Thanks!

  13. So man good choices. BUT it is clear that there is one winner. Snoop Dog playing Lodi Dodi with a guest spot from the entire TV on the Radio band playing the VIBRASLAP. THIS needs to happen.

    No but in all seriousness I need to see TV on the Radio. Its just days from me turning the ugly ole age of 25….

  14. Girl Talk, not a huge fan, but I’ve never seen him live. Would love to see what all the fuss is about.

  15. Umphrey’s! The most innovative band out there right now and they always deliver. Caught them at Nokia/BestBuy plenty of times and ready for my first NYC outdoor UM show at a cool inaugural fest like this one. I’m also pumped to see UM melt so many faces at a fest where many fans will have never heard of UM.

  16. UM! The best touring act on the planet! These guys are at the top of their game and frankly have been for years. I am excited to see them at such a diverse festival.

  17. Umphrey’s McGee will blow all the other bands away! Straight! Would be my 100th UM show, let’s do this!

  18. Definitely excited to see everyone but especially Matt & Kim! Saw them in 2010 and had so much fun. It’s near impossible for me not to smile when listening to their music! Unfortunately, I have been forced to miss many of their shows and have not seen them since then. Can’t wait to see them at Catalpa!

  19. Can’t wait to see Matt & Kim! last time i saw them Kim broke her drum. they have so much energy live, possibly one of the best live performers i’ve ever seen

  20. definitely Cold War Kids! They seriously should get so much more credit, cause they’re so amazing and I would LOVE to see them live. But Matt & Kim comes a pretty close second choice…

  21. Cold War Kids! I have tried over 12 times to see them and for whatever reason I get screwed out of tickets at the last minute. I find their lyrics soulful and meaningful and for a music enthusiast like myself, it would be an absolute dream come true to see them live. Thanks for the opportunity! =)

  22. Matt & Kim!! They have so much energy and great lyrics that I think having the change to see them live would be amazing!!! The line up is awesome, but Matt & Kim is def my top choice. Thanks!!

  23. I’m nost excited to see City & Colour because, well, who wouldn’t want to see Dallas Green kill it?!

  24. The lineup is pretty sweet but I’d say I’m most excited to see The Black Keys. They have been creating their amazing music for over 10yrs, you can hear the passion in every song.

  25. Umphrey’s McGee. I have seen them a few times and every time I leave their show thinking it was the best live musical experience I’ve ever witnessed. These guys are genius musicians and I only hope I would be able to see them so close to my home. I would love to see how Umphrey’s will open this festival and set the tone for the next day/future line-ups. They truly are a show not to be missed

  26. I want to see Girl Talk because he is the definitive mash up artist. I’m in law school and interning 60 hours a week at a firm. Seeing him will make an otherwise boring and labor-intensive summer totally worth it.

  27. The lineup both days is insane but I am most excited to see Girl Talk. His mashups are insane and instantly bring me back to the good ol’ college days. You best believe I will be front row with my hands in the air raging and raving. Can’t wait to see him live!

  28. I’d be most excited to see Snoop doing Doggystyle at Catalpa because that album brings me back to being ten years old and riding around the car with my sister

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