Through The Years: Ween 1987 – 2011

Yesterday was a sad day for Ween fans as Aaron Freeman announced he had retired his Gene Ween persona and therefore the band after a 25 year run. While the news wasn’t a complete surprise to anyone paying attention, except perhaps Deaner, it’s different when you see that the actual words had come out of Freeman’s mouth. In honor of Ween and their illustrious career, we’ve put together a Through The Years playlist for Ween featuring one video a year from 1987 to 2011 which shows the power of the Purveyors of Brown’s live performances.

Ween was a rare band that allowed audiences to video tape their shows, so thankfully there’s lots of choose from. Our playlist includes a clip from a talent show performance featuring Gene and Dean from 1988, the pair’s appearance on the Jane Pratt Show in 1993, a live take from MTV’s short-lived Oddvile show, festival appearances at the first Bonnaroo, the third ACL Fest, last year’s Lollapalooza and more.

Ween – Through The Years 1987 – 2011 (Playlist)

Here’s the full tracklist detailing all 25 clips…

1987 – Tweet Tweet (Early Recording)
1988 – Boys by Scott Lowe and Ween (High School Talent Show)
1989 – I Got A Weasel (Home Movie)
1990 – You Fucked Up (Live at Maxwell’s)
1991 – Tender Situation (Live at Wetlands)
1992 – Reggaejunkiejew (Live at Cat’s Cradle)
1993 – Freedom of ’76 (Jane Pratt Show)
1994 – Pumpin’ 4 The Man (Live at 9:30 Club)
1995 – Freedom of ’76, Take Me Away, Spinal Meningitis (MTV Europe)
1996 – Big Jilm – The Jimmy Wilson Group feat. Ween
1997 – Mutilated Lips (MTV’s Oddsville)
1998 – Frank (Live at Spaceland)
1999 – Homo Rainbow – Ween w/ Queens of the Stone Age
2000 – Touch My Tooter (In-store at Benway Records)
2001 – Wonderful Tonight (Eric Clapton Cover Live in Buffalo)
2002 – Roses Are Free (Live at First Bonnaroo)
2003 – I Can’t Put My Finger On It (Live at Club Laga)
2004 – Voodoo Lady (Live at 9:30 Club)
2005 – The HIV Song (Live in Albany)
2006 – Piss Up A Rope (Live at Austin City Limits Festival)
2007 – Object (Live at The Bluebird)
2008 – The Blarney Stone (Live at the Georgia Theatre)
2009 – Pandy Fackler (Live at Higher Ground)
2010 – Right To The Ways and Rules Of The World (Live at the Tabernacle)
2011 – My Own Bare Hands (Live at Lollapalooza)

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  1. Don’t put a nail in the coffin yet!! Let’s here what Deaner will say about it…
    Thanks for putting this together, I will have to check it out later. No idea that Ween and the Queens played together!!

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