Drag Race Reportedly Led to Tash Neal’s Injury

More details have emerged about the accident on Wednesday night that left Tash Neal of The London Souls hospitalized in intensive care. The New York Post has reported that Neal was in a Ford taxi which was hit by a Silver BMW 650i involved in a drag race. A witness at the scene on Bleecker Street in NYC’s Greenwich Village claims the beemer was travelling “at least 100 MPH.” Tash underwent brain surgery following the accident while his driver suffered a broken neck.

[Photo by Jeremy Gordon]

The two cars which were racing departed the scene after the accident, despite the efforts of other cabbies who valiantly tried to stop them from fleeing the area. Tash Neal’s father, Michael, told the Post that “The last thing [Tash] remembers is getting out of the cab and falling into someone’s arms, so he’s been yelling for help.” No further word on Neal’s condition has come from the London Souls’ camp since Friday, though Tash is said to be slowly recovering.

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