Uber Photographer- Pixie

In the hands of uber photographer Pixie, the camera becomes a kaleidoscopic conduit between subject and audience. Her photos are evocative, expressive and undeniably fun. You immediately get that Pixie is exactly where she should be – smack in the middle of the most beautiful, colorful, freaky people on the scene. Her ongoing photography projects include Dresden Dolls, Flaming Lips, Fishbone, Particle, The Mutaytor, Bassnectar and many others. She is also a featured photographer in the bellydance community and events such as Burning Man.

“In photography, I’ve found a way to make people happy… besides the creativity, this is what I love most about it. The feedback seems to tell me that I make people feel better about themselves, love each other more… If this is my life work, I accept it.”


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