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After a few months off, Phish tour finally launches in Worcester, Mass. tonight. For those of us who are stuck at home, following the shows via Twitter is the next best thing to, well, couch tour. The band already sent out a few choice updates from their official account (@phish) and their official tour account Phish: From the Road (@Phish_FTR).

Bassist Mike Gordon (@mike_gordon) also tweeted a pic from rehearsal yesterday.


We’ve said before, these type of behind-the-scenes and informative tweets are wonderful additions to the tour experience. Let’s hope the band, Gordon and maybe even @treyanastasio continue tweeting like this throughout the summer.

Our friends over at YEMblog (@YEMblog) sadly won’t be tweeting from shows this summer. They did however compile a great list of Twitter users to follow for tour insights. Check out the list below and send a tweet to @Hidden_Track if you’ll be tweeting from one of the shows.

@rphish = The latest and greatest Phish-related content
@phishnet = A fan-run feed representing
@Phish_Forum = Show reviews, tour tweets and more
@MrMiner = The most popular Phish blogger’s Twitter feed
@bizarchive = Scott Marks will tweet commentary from 14 shows on the first leg
@onlinephishtour = Phish conversation and links to the site’s reviews/news stories and more
@CoventryMusic = Pauly, The Joker and crew share thoughts on tour
@PhishVids = Updates and the latest and greatest Phish videos

Is there another tweeter you think should be on that list? Send it along to @Hidden_Track (and follow us too) as we’ll  be running recaps of each show along with giving you The Skinny for each night of tour.


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