Phish Worcester Setlist and The Skinny: Night One

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Phish returned to the stage for the first time since New Year’s with tonight’s start of Summer Tour 2012 in Worcester, Mass. This marked the quartet’s 13th performance at the venue known to many as The Centrum and the first night of a two-night stand at what’s currently known as the DCU Center.

[CC-BY-SA-3.0  /PVMOutside at Wikipedia]

The opening stanza saw the band dip into their extensive catalog for the first Buried Alive in 26 shows, the fifth-ever version of the Stones’ Torn and Frayed and the returns of Undermind track Nothing (last played – 06/24/2010) and Page McConnell’s Beauty of a Broken Heart (last played – 12/28/2009). There were also a fair share of setlist staples in Funky Bitch, Rift, Ocelot and Possum.

For set two, Phish showed off their improvisational chops in delightfully extended versions of Carini, Ghost and Boogie On Reggae Woman that won raves on Twitter from many in attendance. If I Could filled the ballad slot, the first time the Hoist track saw action in 102 shows (last played – 11/21/2009). From there, the group covered Quinn The Eskimo, dropped the beautiful Harry Hood and then the high-energy Cavern. In a quintessentially Phish maneuver, Phish ended the set with a brief reprise of the evening’s opener – Buried Alive. A second Rolling Stones cover – Loving Cup – served as the encore. All in all a closing stanza that set the bar high for what’s to come over the next three weeks and beyond.

Surprisingly, there were no new originals debuted tonight beyond Buried Alive Reprise and the band only played eight songs recorded for their 11 official studio albums.

We’ll have a full review and photo set from Parker Harrington tomorrow. Below you’ll find the setlist and “The Skinny,” our “box score” of sorts about each gig.



Set 1: Buried Alive > Runaway Jim[1] > Torn and FrayedFunky BitchThe Moma Dance > Rift,NothingOcelotBeauty of a Broken HeartPossum[2]Rocky Top

Set 2: Carini -> Taste[3]Ghost > Boogie On Reggae Woman > If I CouldQuinn the Eskimo > Harry Hood > Cavern > Buried Alive Reprise

Encore: Loving Cup

[1] Buried Alive tease.
[2] Beauty of a Broken Heart tease.
[3] Norwegian Wood tease.

Notes: Runaway Jim included a Buried Alive tease, Possum included a Beauty of a Broken Heart tease and Taste included a Norwegian Wood tease (all from Trey). If I Could was last played on November 21, 2009 (102 shows).


Here’s The Skinny from Night One of Phish in Worcester…

  • Venue Capacity / Attendance / Type: 15,000 / 14,500 (Estimate) / Multi-Purpose Arena
  • Previous Shows at Venue: 12 Shows – 12/31/1993, 12/28/1995, 12/29/1995, 11/28/1997, 11/29/1997, 11/30/1997, 11/27/1998, 11/28/1998, 11/29/1998, 02/26/2003, 12/27/2010, 12/28/2010, (Highlights)
  • Number Of Songs / Length – First Set: 11 / 8:14 PM – 9:30 PM (76 Minutes)
  • Number Of Songs / Length – Second Set & Encore: 10 / 9:59 PM – 11:28 PM (89 Minutes)
  • Total Number of Songs / Covers / Originals: 21 / 6 / 15
  • Biggest Bustout: If I Could (Last Played – 11/21/2009: 102 Shows)
  • Debuts: Buried Alive Reprise
  • Weather: 61° Light Rain at Show Time
  • Wardrobe: Trey – Black, Grey and White Checkered Button-Down Shirt / Jeans | Mike – Jeans / Vest, Scarf and Black T | Page – Navy Blue Button-Down Shirt | Fish – Dress
  • Average Song Gap: 19.24
  • The Spread: Picture Of Nectar – 1, Rift – 1, Hoist – 1, Billy Breathes – 1, The Story of the Ghost – 2, Undermind – 1, Joy – 1, Misc. Originals – 7, Covers – 6
  • Longest LivePhish Track / Shortest LivePhish Track: Ghost 14:34 / Buried Alive Reprise 2:18
  • AudioLive Phish



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12 thoughts on “Phish Worcester Setlist and The Skinny: Night One

  1. Gary Reply

    AC can’t get here fast enough.

  2. DKinPA Reply

    So…pins have replaced merit badges? pins are gonna sell a lot faster.

  3. Bill Dub Reply

    Awesome thank you. Wish I had gone tonight Why do you guys list the clothing of the band members? Is it for show identification? It seems kind of creepy and boy band fan like.

  4. Dan Reply

    I take all my fashion cues from Mike…

  5. Papa Phunk Reply

    Nice summary, Scotty. Thanks !

    Come on AC

  6. billa Reply

    Love the Skinny…glad it’s back.

    Why would we NOT wanna know what they’re wearing!? If i was there, i’d know…but i wouldn’t need to read, “the Skinny” then… but i wasn’t there…so i wanna feel like i was, so what they were wearing, is part of it all.

    Hell, if Red walks out in the Marvin the Martian T, i’d be trying to make it before set 2 started!

    Keep up the good work, Hidden Track!!!

  7. Ryan D Reply

    Holy smokes. That is a pretty epic setlist.

  8. silt Reply

    i only count 7 covers, not 8. did you count Taste as a cover instead of from Billy Breathes?

  9. Eric Reply

    Torn and Frayed
    Funky Bitch
    Beauty of a Broken Heart
    Rocky Top
    Boogie On Reggae Woman
    Quinn the Eskimo
    Loving Cup


      • Eric Reply

        the poster above got 8 covers somewhere i assumed he was thinking cover of a solo project as opposed to originals by phish. suffice it to say, i wouldn’t normally think of them as covers.

  10. kyle Reply

    Wow that 2nd set was amazing. Honestly I try never to be jaded but it happens and for me the first set looked like they were not hooked up. Kept chatting and no real serious jams not to say i didnt love it especially burried alive>JIm and Page on that funky bitch was off the hizoook! But for me it was all about the 2nd set. I was calling a carini opener for months and I got burried alive oh well. The came the first chords of set 2 and my head exploded not to mention the super cool creepy ending jam to it. The ghost>booki was sick IMHO that 2nd set was the best set I saw with my own 2 eyes and ears since manchester of 2010. Great read scotty as always!

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