Photos and Videos: Phish @ Worcester’s DCU Center

Phish returned to Worcester last night, at the venerable DCU Center which has hosted many memorable performances in the past. There’s no doubt that now too, June 7, 2012 will forever be etched in the history books as a Phish show of the ages. Relaxed, confidant and happy to be playing, the band kicked off 2012 with the old school Buried Alive > Runaway Jim opener. First set highlights included a beautifully played Torn and Frayed, the welcomed return of Beauty of a Broken Heart and an absolute smoking and interesting Possum, though the real magic came in the second set.

[Trey during Torn and Frayed – All Photos by Parker Harrington]

The entirety of the second set left nothing at all to be desired. Beautiful exploration and creativity flowed from song to song with confidence and a gorgeous flow throughout. Just a few minutes into the second set opener of Carini and it was evident that the band was willing to dig deep into the dark improvisation that so many fans crave. Deep textured bass chords, swirling guitar notes, percussion that was attacking from all angles, and with a seemingly haunting theme, the Carini, with a Page led transition into Taste, was simply a stunner from start to finish.

Certainly, most of the nearly sold-out crowd (at show time only 200 tickets remained at the box office) may have been able to leave the DCU Center happy no matter what happened after the Carini and Taste. Yet, there was so much more to come. Standout versions of Ghost, Boogie on Reggae Woman, Quinn the Eskimo and Harry Hood also peppered the set fitting together perfectly. Even the ballad If I Could, clocking in at about ten minutes, had some extraordinary guitar work by Trey with searing and soaring notes perfectly punctuated by Mike’s bass. Closing out the set, and coming full circle, with the Buried Alive Reprise that kicked off the show was the perfect Phishy punctuation mark to end the show.

Check out Parker’s YouTube clips and a gallery of photos below to get the full flavor of the incredible second set as well as MKDevo’s killer Night One videos…


Phish – Carini -> Taste

Phish – Boogie on Reggae Woman -> If I Could

MKDevo’s Playlist – Worcester Night One – First Set + More

Phish returns to the DCU Center tonight.

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2 thoughts on “Photos and Videos: Phish @ Worcester’s DCU Center

  1. Tanya Reply

    Great write-up, photos and video collection. Thanks!

  2. Chris Adams Reply

    PARKER RULES !!!!!!!!!!!!

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