Video: Phish @ HersheyPark Stadium 1996 – Set Two

As promised we’re posting the second set of this bad boy.

Have you ever been to a show that you didn’t think much of at the time, but when you went back and listened you fell in love with the performance? This happened to me on August 14, 1996 when I saw Phish perform at the humongous HersheyPark Stadium in Hershey, Pennsylvania. I had a ridiculous amount of traveling ahead of me, was separated from my friends and just couldn’t get into the mind space to fully enjoy the show. I couldn’t get out of town and up to the Clifford Ball quick enough.

A few weeks later when I heard tapes of that evening, I was stunned by what I heard. The first set is a mostly killer, little filler affair with an extremely out-of-left-field jam in Wilson, an interesting transition from Fee into Poor Heart and one of my favorite versions of Reba ever. Set Two was no slouch either, with a badass Tweezer and Runaway Jim taking place before the show fissled out a bit at the end.

Last week, I was shocked to see video from Hershey ’96 surface on YouTube. Now, this was shot by a fan close to the stage without the help of a tripod, so don’t expect much video quality wise – it’s shaky as fuck. However, YouTuber TylerPenn has synced the video with high-quality audio. Back on the 18th we posted Set One and today we’ll post a playlist of Set Two.

So without further ado, check out the second set of Phish –  Hershey ’96…

Phish – Runaway Jim > You Enjoy Myself, The Horse > Silent in the Morning, Cars Trucks Buses > Tweezer, Theme From the Bottom > Hold Your Head Up > Cracklin’ Rosie > Hold Your Head Up, Sample in a Jar > Tweezer Reprise E: Julius

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  1. I was at this show, and had similar feelings at the time as ScottyB. I do wonder how I could ever forget about a Runaway Jim-YEM set II opener though…Guess that is what happens when you follow this show w/ the Clifford Ball.

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