Briefly: Wilco Adds Terminal 5 Show / Fallon Appearance

From the when amazing bands play shitty venues files comes word that Wilco will follow a pair of sold-out gigs at Prospect Park with a show at NYC’s Terminal 5 on July 25. Tickets go on sale this Friday at Noon via Ticketmaster. Also that day, Wilco will make their Late Night with Jimmy Fallon debut.

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2 Responses

  1. Seriously? Have seen great GBV and Levon shows there. Feels like the roadhouse bar from The Blues Brothers upfront. Did not realize it was on the shit list. Yes – when crowded and you are not upfront it is not optimal, but what place really is that size? Wish they would play the catalog from A.M > Ghost and leave it at that…

  2. Augustus, if they stopped at ‘A Ghost is Born,’ there’d be nothing from ‘Sky Blue Sky,’ their second best album (after YHF).

    Fingers crossed that I can get some tickets for the Terminal 5 show!

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