Faux The Archives: A Phish Compilation

One of my favorite parts of Phish festivals are the From The Archives shows broadcast over each event’s radio station that feature amazing segments from the band’s archive. These programs, hosted by Phish archivist Kevin Shapiro, have been a staple of the group’s festivals since the first one – Clifford Ball. Since there’s no Phish festival this summer, I decided to put together a compilation of tracks I’d choose if I got to host an episode of From The Archives. I shared these choices with our pal KernelForbin who downloaded the segments from the Phish Spreadsheet and lovingly remastered them for the first installment of a compilation series we’ve dubbed “Faux The Archives.”

We’ll debut Faux The Archives – Volume 1 in ThePhish room on Turntable.FM starting at 2PM ET this afternoon. Once we’ve finished running through the tracks, I’ll update this post with a download link. For this installment I picked one segment from each year between 1993 and 2000. We start with The Man Who Stepped Into Mike’s Groove from February 4, 1993, complete with teases of Ween’s Push Th’ Little Daises, and continue with my all-time favorite Harry Hood – The Mahaffey Hood. Down With Disease -> Free from SPAC ’95 shows off the famed Summer ’95 jam style, while a version of The Wedge featuring Karl Perazzo breaks up the long improvisational segments. The no-doubter best Character Zero ever, from Hartford ’97, follows along with the unusual Squirming Coil -> Slave sequence that helped make Phish’s December 30, 1998 show special. We conclude with a pair of gems performed in Burgettstown, Penn. – the marvelous Simple -> My Left Toe from July 21, 1999 and the impressive Maze -> Shafty -> Maze from July 7, 2000.

Phish Faux The Archives – Volume 1

1993-02-04 – Mike’s Song > TMWSIY > Avenu Malkenu > TMWSIY > Weekapaug Groove (25:49)
1994-10-20 – Harry Hood (20:04)
1995-06-26 – Down With Disease -> Free (39:57)
1996-10-29 – The Wedge (05:03)
1997-11-26 – Character Zero (20:32)
1998-12-30 – Squirming Coil -> Slave to the Traffic Light (24:41)
1999-07-21 – Simple -> My Left Toe (26:04)
2000-07-07 – Maze -> Shafty -> Maze (15:04)

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6 Responses

  1. Thanks Scotty ! Can’t wait to check out a 20 minute Char Zero, as well as your Hood selection.

    1. FWIW, there is a SBD version of that DWD->Free floating around, from an archive show or a LivePhish filler or Live Bait or something.

      Sound quality aside, it’s the most impressive piece of music on here, and as far as I’m concerned that’s saying something because I’m a longtime proponent of every one of these segments.

      Anyone who knows the Phish people, The VA Beach 99 Fee is probably the single most needed SBD release out there. Such a washed out sounding tape as many millennial shows are, but one of the most impressive unexpected jams of all time and the unquestioned highlight of that run of shows.

  2. Well i’m not a proponent of that Wedge actually, sorry didn’t see that one.

    I’m not against it, i just haven’t thought about it.

    But considering how THUNDEROUS the Mike’s from that show sounds with the percussion player, and how tailor made for a 2nd drummer The Wedge is, I’m assuming it’s great.

    10/29/96 is a serious contender for a spot on a “Top 5 Most Overlooked Mike’s Songs” list. Thunderous is the only word.

  3. THank you Scott and everyone involved for this and all the great stuff ya’ll do. It’s great to have you in the band 🙂

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