Video: Bonnaroo Superjam Documentary Trailer

One of the big stories coming out of this month’s Bonnaroo Festival was the return of soul legend D’Angelo who performed on an American stage for the first time in over 12 years as part of the event’s Questlove-hosted Superjam. Photographer/filmmaker Danny Clinch was on hand to capture the rehearsals and the Superjam itself for what he’s turning into a four-part backstage documentary. A trailer for the mini-doc was posted yesterday on the Bonnaroo365 channel. Take a look…

Bonnaroo Superjam 2012 Documentary – Trailer

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One thought on “Video: Bonnaroo Superjam Documentary Trailer

  1. Michael Martelli, Jr Reply

    I really no idea it was that big of a deal that D’Angelo had been gone for like 12 years. I guess people were clamoring for the return of D’Angelo to the American stage?

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