Video: Phish – Kuroda “Light”s Up Alpine Valley

One of the many improvisational highlights from the first 15 shows of Phish Summer Tour 2012 was an amazing version of Light the quartet delivered during their second set at Alpine Valley on Sunday night. Nearly 15 minutes in length, this throw-back jam was a winner in both the quantity AND quality departments. But it wasn’t only the band who were blowing away the audience during Light, LD Chris Kuroda also showed off his improvisational wizardry. Now that Kuroda has returned to a more conventional light rig for the rest of the tour, there’s more “playing” with the band instead of distracting the audience. Our pal Telekinetica captured the lights in action during a four-minute segment of the Light jam…

Phish – Light

Phish continues their tour at Jones Beach in Wantagh, New York tonight.

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  1. I know that most non-phans think that sounds like a bunch of noise, but between the 1 and 3 minute mark is some of the best instrumentation I’ve ever heard.

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