With Aaron Freeman Tour On Skids, Will Ween Return?

Anyone who’s followed Ween for the last few decades, knew we hadn’t heard the end of the story when Aaron Freeman, aka Gene Ween, told Rolling Stone that the band was through back in May. Freeman’s solo tour has been unceremoniously canceled due to low ticket sales according to the website of an Asheville venue where Aaron was scheduled to play on Sunday. If you read into a tweet from Ween drummer Claude Coleman, it appears Freeman approached his former band mates to do a Ween tour “for the fans” once his solo tour hit the skids. Coleman’s tweet reads, “unreal! Just 3 wks after blindsiding us all, his tour dead, his wallet bare G wants 2 tour ‘for the fans’ us 2 help him ‘as a friend’ huh?” He went on to say, “I would like to add that this was obviously my expression of bewilderment & confusion. Music should be motivated by music. I’m a fan too…”

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Freeman, who’s newly sober, shocked and frustrated his band mates with his unilateral decision to break up Ween. Now, he wants their help. On a purely selfish level, we do hope the New Hope-based act is able to put their issues behind them and reform, but there’s a lot of water that needs to be put under the bridge. Supposedly in rehab they tell you not to make any rash decisions upon getting sober, too bad Freeman didn’t take that advice.

We’re sure we haven’t heard the end of the Ween drama. We’ll keep you posted.

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UPDATE 12:30PM: Mr. Freeman made a rare appearance on the Ween Forum to issue this missive: “Gonna reluctantly chime in here regarding Claude’s tweet? You can now hear it from me, no Ween shows, never were. That door is closed for good. -AF” Also, an Athens show has also been officially canceled giving credence to the claim that the whole tour will be scrapped.

UPDATE 1:20PM: Aaron’s official Facebook page has been updated with word that this week’s gigs have been cancelled. The post claims Freeman’s late July performances in Boston and Cape Cod will go on as scheduled. Also, the entire thread about Claude’s tweet on the Ween Forum, including Freeman’s post, has been deleted.

UPDATE 4:50PM: Freeman has added a more personal note to his official Facebook page – “Hi everyone, My sincere apologies for having to cancel these recent shows. It sucked having to make the call but there was no other choice. I thank you all who did buy tickets and hope to see you in Boston, Cape Cod. Much love, Aaron.” And Coleman has deleted his tweets about Gener, but did add “Last twat removed but not retracted. It has little place among the greatness & positives I wish 2 promote. Let ween mean music one day again”

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  1. Yes Gene there were no shows because your former bandmates probably told you to go fuck yourself when you came to them looking for a pay day cause your solo tour turned out to be an epic fail.

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