Stormy Mondays: A Patient Grateful Dead Show

For a midsummer treat, this week we have a full Grateful Dead concert from April 19, 1984. While “patient” is a buzz word for great Phish jams, where the band takes the time to let the music develop on its own, it actually is a pretty good descriptor for this GD show. The Dead were in the midst of a huge tour that essentially stretched into the summer months and they were hitting everything just right. But rather than consolidating and heading right for the quickest path, they spread out while staying energetic, and came out with a super interesting and enjoyable gig.

The Bird Song in the middle of the first set is the best example of this approach — beautiful, meandering with intent, an absolute favorite version. The second set opens with a classic China > Rider, and a monster pairing of Estimated > Terrapin. The jam out of Estimated is simply brilliant, a totally engaging, shining piece of playing. Because this is a whole show, this week’s download is in three parts, the first set, the first half of the second and the end of the show. And don’t skip out on the Baby Blue; a tune that eventually became a dull encore, here in its youngest years is great. As always, enjoy!

Part 1: Bertha, Greatest Story, Loser, C.C. Rider, Bird Song, Hell In A Bucket, Big Railroad Blues, The Music Never Stopped, Don’t Ease Me In

Part 2: China Cat Sunflower > I Know You Rider > Estimated Prophet > Terrapin Station > Drums

Part 3: Space > The Wheel > Wharf Rat > Sugar Magnolia, Encore: It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue

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5 Responses

  1. “youngest years”? Baby Blue goes back to at least 1966 in the dead’s repertoire, it was one of their earliest songs

    nitpick over. this is a fine show for ’84

  2. Nice post on this the 17th anniversary of the final GD show. My collection has a show from every year now. Somehow, I had missed 1984.

    1. as for no 84 – do yourself a favor – find some (or all) of these…
      – Marin Vets (March 28 – April 1)
      – Hampton 4/13/84 – Killer Scarlet>Fire
      – Red Rocks (June 12 – 14)
      – Spac 6/24
      – Merriweather (6/26 & 27 – the 27th being the official end of the “let phil sing” campaign when he and brent drop the “Do it in the Road”…
      – The entire 10 days in October between Worcester, Augusta, Hartford and The Meadowlands…(Oct 8 – 18)
      – and the MUST HAVE – BCT Run from 10/27 – 11/2….

  3. While the Dead played It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue very early in their career, it made a comeback to the encore slot in August of 1981 after being dormant since Feb 1974. Between New Years of 1969/70 and August of 81 it was only played 8 times. In 1966 and 1969 it got some regular action – but it was a more jug band version than the one that emerged in 81. Between its break out (8/14/81 in Seattle) and this show in Philly – it was encored 35 times (seems like a lot – but go count the US Blues, Day Jobs, OMSN, Don’t Ease Me In’s, Brokedowns, JBG’s and eventually Touch of Greys by comparison – much more overplayed) and was really just hitting its stride in the 2nd half of 83 and first half of 84…I understand what Dan is saying about it – it was still fresh at that point – by 87/88 it was a good way to beat the touch heads to the lot…. Just sayin’

  4. If I can throw a curve in here, Bobby’s Baby Blue is way cooler and more expressive than any Jerry version. I’ll sneak in one when I hit up Ratdog later this summer.
    The Bird Song here really is amazing, btw…

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