HT Giveaway: Phish Chicago ’94 / T-Shirt Bundles

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In just a few short weeks, on July 31, HT faves Phish will release a brand-new 6-CD box set that features two incredible shows which took place at Chicago’s UIC Pavilion in 1994. Chicago ’94 contains every note the Vermonters played on June 18, 1994 and November 25, 1994, including material from the soundchecks, lovingly re-mastered by sound guru Fred Kevorkian.

1994 was an incredibly important year in the band’s history as their fanbase grew exponentially. Musically, the quartet was on fire with these two performances ranking among 1994’s best. From an outrageous David Bowie to a masterful YEM to a spectacular segue from Weekapaug > Mango, these two shows display the improvisational muscles the band was flexing throughout the year. Not to mention, there’s nary a flub to be found during the UIC gigs, plucked from Phish’s last full year on the road. Both the 6-CD box set and a special Pollock designed t-shirt are currently available for pre-order through Dry Goods. There’s also a “Racine Avenue Bundle” which contains both the t-shirt and the box set that’s up for sale. Speaking of which…

As part of our Everybody Wins When We Plug Something And In Return They Offer Us Free Shit To Give Away program, we’ve got five copies of the Chicago ’94 Racine Avenue Bundle to give away. To enter, simply leave a comment below telling us your three favorite Phish shows from the magical year of 1994. You can enter a second time by following us on Twitter and then tweeting your three favorite ’94 Phish shows at us. Make sure your tweet includes both “@hidden_track” AND “#htchicago94″ so we can keep track.  Furthermore, we’ll give you a third chance to snag one of the sets by leaving your response to our ’94 Phish query on our Facebook wall. Once the contest entry period closes, we’ll select one Twitter entry, two Facebook entries and two entries from the comments section using to keep it fair.

Here’s the fine print…

  • To enter, leave a comment below telling us your three favorite Phish shows from 1994
  • Enter a second time by leaving a similar comment on the Hidden Track Facebook Page
  • You can enter a third time by following @hidden_track and tweeting your three favorite ’94 Phish shows at us. You must include both @hidden_track AND #htchicago94 in your tweet
  • Your comment(s) must be left by 11:59 PM EDT on July 29
  • Anybody entering more than once a piece on Facebook, Twitter and at the bottom of this post will be disqualified, tarred and feathered
  • We’ll randomly select one entrant from Twitter, two entrants from Facebook and two from the comment section to win the Chicago ’94 Racine Avenue Bundle
  • Each winner will receive the Chicago ’94 box set and the Pollock-designed t-shirt in the size of their choice
  • HT staff members are not eligible to win

Good luck! And feel free to tell us why you chose the shows you did.

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182 thoughts on “HT Giveaway: Phish Chicago ’94 / T-Shirt Bundles

  1. Dazz Reply

    10/10/94 – my first show
    11/17/94 – my second show
    6/22/94 – one of my favorite first tapes

  2. michael howard Reply

    Favorite phish show from 1994 was the free show at the bandshell in Gainesville, FL on 10/23/1994. It was the last free phish show ever and the “Hood” from this show was selected to be on “A Live One.”

  3. michael howard Reply

    3 favorite phish shows from 1994:

  4. Mike M. Reply

    6/11/94 – the first tape I completely wore out.

    6/26/94 – gamehoist in the only performance in my home state of WV!

    10/9/94 – my first show!

  5. Tommy Carpenter Reply


    No explanations needed, these shows speak for themselves.

  6. Greg Reply

    #1= 6/11/94
    #2= 11/12/94
    #3= 6/18/94

  7. KernelForbin Reply

    6/22/94 – First show that I really really listened to, over and over and over

    7/15/94 – A show that a friend turned me on to, it was his first. Tons of energy, love every second.

    10/31/94 – Cliche or not, just another show that I can’t get enough of.

  8. btezra Reply

    *my three faves that I was in attendance from 1994

    Recreation Hall, Penn State University, State College, PA
    -the “it’s Ice” at this show was one to remember and the wooden bleacher seats inside were a rockin’ all night long

    Jones Beach Amphitheater, Wantagh, NY
    -the fourth and final “Setting Sail” ever played, Reba and David Bowie were simply sublime

    A. J. Palumbo Center, Pittsburgh, PA
    -mainly because I only had to drive 10 mins. to get to get to the show and enjoy, plus the Amazing Grace was performed a cappella and the Coil was INTENSE

  9. Jared Reply

    11/30/94= absolutely stunning show, Antelope>My Sweet One> Lope is amazing
    6/17/94, The OJ Simpson show is a classic, not only for the OJ gag, but for the incredible improv too
    7/13/94, awesome second set, Cavern>Wilson>Cavern is a must hear, as well as the huge tweezer

  10. Jeff Reply

    wow tough to pick just 3 in such a loaded year, but here I go…the first two I was at
    10/31 Glen falls
    12/30/94 MSG

    and I’ll go for 7/16 Sugarbush (just edging out Bomb Factory and the OJ show)

  11. Chelsea Paolini Reply

    06.11.1994 red rocks !!!!!!

    06.22.1994 columbus ohio

    11.02.1994 bangor maine

  12. michael howard Reply

    sorry for the double post. originally i thought it said pick your favorite show from 1994 then i saw it said 3 favorite shows. please disregard my first comment. thanks.

  13. Reverend Justito Reply

    Great contest – my three favorite shows are as follows:

    05/28/94 w/ Primus
    06/17/94 (OJ)

  14. Tom Frederick Reply

    10/31/94 – that reba, oh man..
    6/17/94 – in my hometown of milwaukee!

  15. Josh Valentine Reply

    7/16/94 – Sugarbush (My 1st show and one of the best shows of all time)
    11/20/94 – Madison (Tremendous Bowie and Icculus)
    12/31/94 – Boston (For obvious reasons)

  16. youenjoyme Reply

    6/17,6/18,12/30 lucky enough to be at all 3

    but lets be honest……94 RULED

  17. Skyler Davis Reply


  18. Sean Geeran Reply

    10/31/94 – duh
    12/30/94 – one of my first tapes
    4/21/94 – nice mike’s groove

  19. Zane Reply


  20. Jason Reply


  21. scott nadboy Reply

    picking three shows was really difficult!!

    #1- Charleston, WV 06.26.1994- Gamhendge / Hoist – Nuff said

    #2- Sunrise Musical Theatre 10.21.1994- acoustic foreplay/ longtime, opened w/ Fee and generally Rocking show !!

    #3- U of Florida band shell- 10.23.1994- FREE show during the day @ U of Florida- can you say SUPER HOT SORORITY chicks!!!
    must have been 20,000 people there – the boys rocked the place – legendary!!!

    Hon. Mention #1- Big Birch , Paterson , NY 07.13.1994- Cavern>Wilson>Cavern
    Hon. mention # 2- Sunfest 04.28.1994- short and sweet only 1 set but it rocked- during the day on the bay in downtown West palm Beach- Blues Traveler and Ziggy Marley also played- it was a great day!!

  22. RP Reply

    10/23 – Last Free Show?
    10/31 – First ‘ween
    7/16 – I was seeing another (declining band)

  23. gtrips Reply

    well – in this order:

  24. Marcus H. Reply

    5/23/94 – my first full show
    5/7/94 – bomb factory
    5/27/84 – simple & macaroni

  25. Liza Reply

    6/11, 10/31, 12/31… I wasn’t at any of these shows, since I was a mere 11 years old, but my older sister (who took me to my first show in ’97) had the 6/11 show stuck in the tape deck in her old buick lasabre, and we must have listened to that tape 1 billion times!!!

  26. JW Reply

    My three favorite….

    1. 7/8/94 Gamehenge and killer Stash (on ALO)

    2. 11/4/94 Syracuse, NY Cool Forbins, vibration of life great Bowie

    3. 11/30/94 Evergreen College – Great all around show

  27. Ben Reply

    12/29/1994- Bowie!!

    6/26/1994- GameHoist!!

    7/16/1994- My bro’s fav. Hood!!

  28. Russell Swanker Reply

    04/09/1994, Binghamton, NY – amazing Mike’s Song. I lost my mind; I remember the strobes were in-your-face-intense during that song.

    6/22/94 – epic. Wish I’d been there.

    07/10/1994 – gotta love a home town show.

  29. Jimmy goodtimes Reply

    My three shows have to be the only shows I saw that year. The O.J. Show and the two UIC shows after. The evil red light they talk about was a red glow stick ( the only red glow stick in the crowd) thrown by my buddy Joe. And when Trey caught it in mid-shred, time stood still as I hoisted him up by his elbows. And I do belive my high school football jersey ended up on stage. Ahh those we the days.

  30. noah_s Reply

    5/7/94 – First show anyone gave me on a cassette when I first got into the band.
    10/31/94 – duh.
    6/11/94 – duh 2

  31. Sean Reply




  32. gabe177 Reply

    6/17/94 – run oj run
    6/30/94 – should have been my 1st show haha
    10/8/91 – my actual 1st show. purple rain!

  33. Matt Stevens Reply

    7/13/94: So much craziness in this second set
    6/22/94: You think you’re too good for the book?
    12/1/94: Tweezer madness

  34. eric Reply

    how about the OJ show, Game Hoist and Halloween for the win….

  35. Brian Cramer Reply

    6/13/94 my first road trip to a show.

    11/22/94 Snuck out of house to go to this show 2 hours away when I was a kid.

    11/23/94 My hometown show that year at the fabulous fox theater got 3rd row seats as we’ll best venue in this town

  36. Mike Reply


    White album was the first CD I can remember hearing when I was a child. Not to mention the Divided, Antelope, Slave and REBA are all top notch


    One of the first phish shows that was given to me. It was a horrible recording, but I have probably listened to that bowie over 300 times & don’t think I could get sick of it


    first LP I ever bought. Love the show through & through and I don’t think any hood has ever peaked harder than it did here

  37. ed lalonde Reply

    4/4. I was a stage hand at the Flynn. Fish gave me some godiva easter eggs. 7/16. A magical night in the green mountains of Vermont. 10/31. What can be said? It was incredible. Fish twirling naked during revolution number 9 will forever be seared into my memory.

  38. Jess Reply

    11/2/94 – first show

    ohhh 1994…

  39. Russell Reply

    6 11 94 Red Rocks,
    6 17 94 OJ Show,
    7 8 94 Great Woods, Last Gamehendge

  40. Jon Reply

    06-17-94 OJ show
    4/4/94 HORNS!

  41. Jeff Reply

    Tough to pick just 3, but…

    6/18/94 (can’t wait to hear the remaster)
    6/22/94 (madness!)
    10/31/94 (the start of an insane tradition)

  42. Jeff Reply

    OJ Show (6/17/94)
    6/22/94 for the catapult and Icculus
    10/31/94 for obvious reasons

  43. John Whitler Reply


  44. Wally World Reply

    6/18/94 Favorite show I’ve not been to.
    6/25/94 – Cleveland – 1st show. NO2 as I’m walking in.
    7/16/94 – Sugarbush – Probably nothing I could add here….

  45. Neilo Reply


  46. Type III JPD Reply

    oh, so many choices…

    Sticking to ones I attended and hopefully shying away from the norms I’ll go with

    7.2.94 just a relentless second set and a 1st that’s no slouch either

    11.16.94 Mike’s—>Simple ’nuff said

    10.27.94 under the radar show with a huge encore trifecta

    but so many highlights to choose from in this bountiful year…

  47. Sean Reply

    6/11/94 One of the First tapes I heard. Hooked Instantly

  48. Bret Reply


  49. Michael Ripper Reply

    1994-06-29 (Walnut Creek Amphitheater, Raleigh, NC)Possibly my first PHISH show…?
    1994-07-15 (Jones Beach Amphitheater, Wantagh, NY)after just seeing them there, I had to re-visit JB
    1994-06-17 (Eagles Ballroom, Milwaukee, WI)I remember that day So well.

  50. Brad Mangiafico Reply

    My Three Favorite Phish Shows From 1994:



  51. AJ Reply

    4/4/94 – debut of Hoist songs with the GCH! Flynn Theater!!!
    7/8/94 – Gamehenge in MA!
    11/3/94 UMASS – awesome encore, first time I’d heard “Simple”!

  52. Andy Clawson Reply

    Saw Phish 12 times in 1994- so hard to pick three, so many great shows. But what comes to mind are:

    Love 04-08-94 Penn State Rec Hall, was there. Not only a tiny college venue that was not disisimilar to my high school’s gymnasium- but awesome Maze> Glide opener, an “at the time” rare PYITE and the 1-2 of DWD> If I Could (a nod to the album order on the recently released Hoist) in set 1 and a fine McGrupp, the first digital delay jam in Its Ice, Mimi Fishman in the BBFCFM encore, finishing with Contact. Great early 94 show.

    06-17-94 Eagles Ballroom. Sadly, I was in a hotel room watching OJ run- waiting, to see Phish at UIC the next night. I couldn’t swing this show because I was driving to Chicago from PA. with an ex-girlfriend, taking her to her first show and visiting my hometown of Chicago. When I saw my friends the next day- who all went, my jaw dropped. Thankfully a buddy taped the show for me to listen on the way home. Set 2 is a classic. Mikes>Simole>Mike’s>Hydrogen>Weekapaug, Hurpua>Kung>Harpua, Frankenstein….run oj run. classic.

    12-12-94 MAC Center, Kent State. Another I was lucky to attend. Set 1 contained my first Guyute and Set 2 is just a monster that reminds me of Tinley Park 8-14-93- after the Julius, Fluffhead set openers the DWD> Have Mercy> DWD> Lifeboy> DWD> Rift wsa just nutz. DWD was still pretty new and to give it the sandwich treatment was pretty special. Also love the acoustic Old Home Place, Nellie Kane and Foreplay/Long Time- it was pretty perfect night.

  53. Chad Caldwell Reply




  54. Matt Reply

    Three favorites hmm..


  55. Nick Reply

    7-10-94: The day my life would change forever… My 1st show.

    5-28-94: One of my 1st tapes; my all-time favorite Reba.

    6-18-94: Bowie. ‘Nuff said. Wore that tape out, then I wore the CD out.

  56. Sammy Martin Reply

    5/20/94 – OLY Town~! Holy Cow.
    5/25/94 – The Warfield- ’nuff Said!
    11/28/94 – Tweezer me please. Bozeman

  57. Mike W Reply

    7 16 94
    10 31 94 (love that reba)
    6 21 94

  58. Ryan Reply

    04-04-1994 (The first bootleg I ever got, so many debuts!)
    7-08-1994 Almost forgot about this show, but saw AJ included it and I had to do the same

  59. John Reynolds Reply

    My Three Favorite Phish Shows from 1994:

    1994-04-14 Beacon 2
    1994-07-16 Sugarbush
    1994-11-30 Olympia

  60. silt Reply

    my three favorite Phish shows from 1994:

    05-07-1994 (because setII is ‘the bomb’)
    07-08-1994 (because it was my last gamehenge)
    07/13/1994 (because the setlist shenanigans were fun as hell)

  61. Bear Reply

    12/29/94 My first SHow!
    7/16/94 epic sugarbush homestate Harpua
    12/30/94 My first Bootleg!

  62. Ben Castagnola Reply

    6/13/94- If just for that Slave alone… incredible.
    7/8/94- Gamhendge in my own backyard. who would have thunk?
    10/28/94- First birthday show

  63. Toonsis Reply

    6/11/94 – Maybe the best 1st set ever?
    6/18/94 – Love that Bowie!!
    10/31/94 – White Album bliss

  64. Brian Reply

    6/17/94, 6/22/94, 5/794. All epic ones in their own right. Wish i was there that’s fer sure!

  65. Geoff Gardner Reply


  66. Matt Andrews Reply

    My three favorite shows I attended in ’94 were:

    4/23/94: This show was scheduled at The Fabulous Fox in Atlanta during their annual Freaknik festival. It was quite the meeting of cultures, a culture clash of the ages. What I remember about the show was Col. Bruce and Merl Saunders sitting in and Trey’s inability to jump on the tramps during YEM due to his foot being injured. I had tickets that were up in the balcony, but my friend traded a small bag of shrooms to a dude for his spare 5th row seat. We ended up watching the show from the 5th row, while the dude spent most of the show wandering around the Fox in a daze.
    10/15/94: I went to this show in a large group, half of the people were DMB fans and the other half were Phish fans, which was good for everyone considering DMB opened for Phish. The Foreplay>Longtime a’la bluegrass arrangement furthered and deepened my love for Phish.
    7/16/94: Much has been written about this show, which all these years later exists as a haze in the caverns of my mind. Three things that I remember besides the trip up to VT: The lush beauty of Vermont in the summertime, the trippy NO2 and looking to the skies for that comet! Ah, the lysergic.

  67. Charity V Reply


  68. Wallach Reply

    My favorite year for Phish.

  69. DON Reply


  70. SW Reply

    6/17– OJ
    10/18– acoustic>electric Llama with Bela
    10/20– Golden Lady

    Yes, ’94, YES!

  71. Jason Paraskevas Reply

    My 3 favorites are the OJ show 6/17/94, 12/30/94 which was my 1st show, I’ve now seen 91 and am still going strong, and 12/31/94, the first appearance of the hot dog.

  72. CHG Reply


  73. Ben Reply

    7/8/1994, 5/21/1994, and 10/31/1994

  74. Barry Reply

    Fave 94 Phishing Trips:


  75. Moe Reply

    There’s so many good ones! Not in any order..

    07-16-94 “My Hometown”, Crazy Antelope, Trey/Fish”fight”, sick Harpua with the Jupiter comet crash

    10-31-94 best musical costume IMO

    07-08-94 Gamehendge first set and a YEM-Frankenstein sandwich

  76. Mike Flood Reply

    6-22-94, 12-29-94, 10-31-94

  77. Bill Reply

    10/31/94; 04/25/1994; 09/30/1995

  78. mr christophish Reply

    …7/14/95…hometown show

    10/31/94…balls, just the balls

    12/8/94…makisupa in response to some sort of a wook/police scuffle outside the venue

  79. mr christophish Reply

    …7/14/95…hometown show

    10/31/94…just the nuts

    12/8/94…makisupa in response to some sort of a wook/police scuffle outside the venue

  80. Mitch Reply

    A lot of great shows from 1994. I’m a bit biased towards certain shows I attended:

    1. 6/18/94

    2. 12/31/94

    3. 6/17/94

  81. Matt Reply


  82. nuttyriv3r Reply


  83. Roger Reply

    12/29/94, 6/11/94, 6/18/94

  84. DanK425 Reply

    6/25/94 Cleveland… My 1st show (No2 opener)
    11/12/94 Kent State… My 2nd (have mercy)
    10/31/94…. I mean… Forgetaboutit

  85. rstank Reply

    7/13/94; 10/31/94; 12/29/1994

  86. Andy Silver Reply

    5/7/94 – Bomb Factory
    6/17/94 – OJ Show
    7/16/94 – Comet Crashed Into Jupiter Harpua

  87. Panda Reply

    4/14/94 – 2d night of Beacon run, took my brother to his first show. he was instantly hooked.

    7/13/94 – Big Birch – total classic from top to bottom. ’nuff said.

    11/4/94 – insanity in Syracuse. the 2nd set is vicious.

  88. Dave Reply

    1994-05-10 Maze at Paolo Soleri!
    1994-06-11 Maze at Red Rocks!
    1994-12-31 Maze on NYE!

  89. Duane Reply

    6/26/94, 7/8/94, & 11/16/94

  90. Andrew Blackstein Reply

    10/31/94 – Best Reba from 1994
    5/7/94 – Best Show 1994
    6/10/94 – Demand & Axilla II in one show @ Red Rocks

  91. Stephan Klepatzki Reply

    4/20/1994 (Cool scene)
    6/30/1994 (unforgettable night)

  92. Rob Reply


  93. pete Reply

    6/18, 5/7, and 6/22 are my go tos, but there are so many others I feel guilt just picking three

  94. Jer Reply

    1994-10-31-White Album and killer Antelope
    1994-7-13-Tweezer that just won’t quit and Fishman on trombone!
    1994-4-4-Debut of both Scent of a Mule and Wolfman,

  95. Amber Dickerson Reply

    6/26/94 Municipal Auditorium Charleston, WV: GAMEHOIST!!

    12/01/94 Salem Armory Salem, OR

    7/16/94 Summer Stage at Sugarbush N.Fayston, VT: I had a cassette bootleg of this that I literally wore out.

  96. Andrew Hunt Reply

    1. 6-18-94. Simply put, there’s a reason why it’s in this box. It’s chock full of classic Phish, executed so marvelously. I couldn’t imagine a 94 list without this at the top, which is why I would love this box! 🙂

    2. 6-26-94. This show is classic for its novelty, but also its execution. Gamehoist is something that we may never see again, but it deserves the #2 spot for its rarity and just how awesome it is to hear front to back.

    3. 6-22-94. What an amazing Mike’s Groove, creative, fun playing, a ridiculous Icculus, capped by a filthy Weekapaug. Just so much fun to listen to.

  97. Lukey Dukey Reply

    10/16 The ONLY show Phish played in my hometown of Chattanooga. Double encore H2H, Harpua.
    12/10 Chalkdust Torture Reprise debut!
    12/30 An amazing Tweezer. Powerful show through and through.

  98. Matthew Griffith Reply


  99. Matt Punzo Reply

    7/14/94 and 11/4/94 because I was at those shows.

    7/13/94 because I should have gone.

    • Matt Punzo Reply

      (Where are my manners?) Thank you very much for the opportunity.

  100. Adam Rochelle Reply

    10/31/94 – wish I had been there
    6/26/94 – gamehoist
    4/4/94 – lots more fun with horns

  101. Jeremiah Reply

    Out of the 8 shows I saw in’94, I’ll go with:
    4.20.94 – 420!
    6.30.94 – Harpua!
    10.27.94 – crazy encore
    10.31.94 – NYE!

  102. dr binner Reply


  103. Dan Perez Reply

    Saw 23 shows in ’94
    Top 3 were
    7/8 Gamehendge!
    7/16 Sugarbush!
    10/31 Beatles!

  104. JohnR. Reply

    Ahhh…1994. The ripe age of twenty years old and probably the most concentrated amount of shows I ever saw in one year.

    My favorites
    1.6/26/94 Charleston, WV- I was lucky enough to travel from Cleveland following the Nautica show to witness this gem. I bought an extra off of a guy for $10! Downtown Charleston was like a ghost town on that Sunday afternoon as well as the practically empty theater.
    2.6/22/94 Columbus, OH- This was the first show I saw in 1994 after seeing them a few times prior in 92 and 93. I knew from this point there were many more Phish shows in my future!
    3.11/25/94 Chicago, IL- Yes, one of the shows off of the box set. I met a guy following the Bloomington IN show about a week prior who was probably older than my dad. He had extras for UIC and invited me to meet him there. He and his wife unexpectedly hooked my friend and I up with free lodging in a four star hotel and a ride to the show as if I was his long lost son. Black Friday in Chicago was a blast early in the afternoon with underage bar hopping followed by a magnificent show. My final show for the year 1994.
    Good times,good memories..

  105. Dana Paquette Reply


  106. 3po1nt0 Reply

    my 3 favorites from 1994 are all from the spring/summer tour that year:

    5/7/94 Bomb Factory
    6/26/94 GameHoist
    7/13/94 Big Birch

  107. Gary Reply


  108. Admiral French Pockets Reply

    6/17/94–OJ show!!
    11/17/94-Helter Skelter opener
    12/29/94 great Rhode Island show

  109. Derrick Reply

    7/1/94 – Mann Music Center, Philadelphia
    7/2/94 – Garden State Arts Center Holmdel,NJ

    What a way to spend my birthday. 2 great shows, actually my my 2nd and 3rd live shows.

    12/30/94 – MSG

    Another great show.

  110. Jonathan Shrednick Reply

    My favorite 94 show’s are:

    July 8th and 9th, 1994-One of my first tapes-Great Woods
    December 9th, 1994-Mesa Amplitheatre. One of my “beginning” shows, loved it, totally hooked after that

  111. Nick B Reply

    12/1 – Salem, OR
    One of the first Phish recordings I heard from the mid-90s. Fantastic segues and a fun-as-hell setlist.

    5/7 – Dallas, TX
    Do I even need to explain? They made the venue live up to it’s namesake

    6/17 – Milwaukee, WI
    OJ Show! Harpua > Kung > Harpua

  112. ironhippie Reply

    11-13-94 – my second show, grand old theater in erie PA

    06-21-94 – smoking show, played like a house a-fire

    06-17-94 – for a third (out of too many to choose from)

  113. Suzanne Reply


  114. Trey Helms Reply

    1994-10-29 (Spartanburg Memorial Auditorium, Spartanburg, SC)
    1994-10-28 (Galliard Auditorium, Charleston, SC)
    1994-12-03 (Event Center, San Jose, CA)

  115. Dubie Reply

    5/17/1994 walking distance to my house
    10/14/1994 my first foreplay/longtime
    10/31/1994 love the beatles

  116. Blake Reply

    10/15/1994 (1st show)
    05/07/1994 (BOMB Factory)
    06/17/1994 (OJ)

  117. Jerry McL Reply

    Randomly picking 3 dates in ’94 would surely pick three winners- nary a down night back when. My choices, nonetheless:

    5/7/1994 Bomb Factory, Dallas, TX. Obviously. I mean, c’mon.

    12/29/1994 Providence Civic Center, Providence, RI. Segue between show opening Jim>Foam is just heavenly, and an epic half-hour Bowie taboot.

    7/13/1994 Big Birch, Patterson, NY. I still always hope for a reprise of this fantastic Cavern/Wilson mashup. Also, Tweezerfest.


  118. dburgbacher Reply

    So many great shows in 1994, but the three that got the most spins in the old analog cassette deck were:

    05/07/94 Bomb Factory, Dallas, TX
    07/08/94 Great Woods, Mansfield, MA
    11/30/94 Evergreen College, Olympia, WA

  119. Chris Reply

    Love 94, I was lucky to be at these three shows to witness these three famous versions:

    11.2.94 – Bangor Tweezer (its cult status probably would have been higher had it not appeared on ALO). I was going to college in Maine at the time, me and all my buddies went to all the ME shows in 92-95. I still love listening to the great SOAMule and Guyute from the 1st set, back when Guyute was new and they didn’t do the stupid whistling shit.

    12.29.94 – Providence Bowie (penultimate version, without a doubt) Also a great non-whistling Guyute and a killer classic Jim>Foam openner!

    12.31.93 – Hood. Probably THE penultimate Phish jam ever. I know this is a 93 show, but technically the 3rd set all took place in 1994. No mention of 94 Hoods should ever exclude the one that started it all!

    But if that doesn’t count then I’ll say 7/2/94, a great night at the Garden State Arts Center, it was the only Tweezer>Lifeboy combo I got to see (in the 1st set), and a great Slave in the 2nd set.

  120. sean Reply

    6/22, 10/31, 12/29

  121. Parker Reply


  122. Richard Reply

    4/6 –> TORONTO!
    10/31 –> Those first notes in the second set made your heart drop.
    6/17 –> OJ!

  123. Todd Reply

    10/31/94 – h’ween

    11/3/94 – My first show

    7/8/94 – GW Gamehenge!

  124. jeremy Reply

    6/17/94 – OJ!
    6/26/94 – Gamehoist (what a week!)
    5/7/94 – Tweezerfest

  125. Will Reply

    11.30.94 – 1st show
    12.1.94 – 2nd show
    5-19-94 – Day after my birthday in my home state, live listening to this one.

  126. Will Reply

    11.30.94 – 1st show
    12.1.94 – 2nd show
    5.19.94 – Day after my birthday in my home state, live listening to this one.

  127. Will Reply

    11/30/94 – 1st show
    12/1/94 – 2nd show
    5/19/94 – Day after my birthday in my home state, live listening to this one.

  128. Will Reply

    11/30/94 – 1st show
    12/1/94 – 2nd show
    5/07/94 – easy choice

  129. Jamesonian Reply

    1) 5/7/94 Bomb Factory, Dallas, TX (Tweezerfest)
    2) 5/27/94 Warfield, San Francisco (Shake your macaroni!!)
    3) 6/16/94 State Theater, Minneapolis (first SBD I ever possessed)

  130. Mac Reply

    6-22-1994 – The whole second set (and show) is fire.

    7-13-1994 – Cavern -> Wilson -> Cavern > NICU -> Tweezer -> Julius -> Tweezer -> Big Black Furry Creature from Mars -> Tweezer -> Mound

    10-31-1994 – Halloween

  131. Headcleaner Reply

    04/23/1994 – cause it was at the fabulous Fox = regal
    12/29/1994 – 30+ minute bowie was mind blowing
    12/30/1994 – mine and their’s first time at MSG

  132. Matt Shinnick Reply

    6/11/94-one of the top shows from that year
    4/20/94-listened to the “dmb bootleg” of this show, introduced my to phish.

  133. Joshua Turner Reply

    05/07/94 – The Bomb Factory, Dallas, TX
    11/28/94 – Brick Breeden Fieldhouse, Bozeman, MT
    05/27/94 – Warfield, San Francisco, CA

  134. Eric Reply

    06/17/94-O.J. show and my first show
    11/20/94-bluegrass jam and my second show
    11/25/94-glowstick war during Harpua narration and my third show

  135. dan Reply

    4/16 @ UMASS
    5/3 If I Could with Krauss
    10/31 white album

  136. stems Reply

    6/18/94 — one of my first CD-Rs. I deserve a box set!
    6/17/94 — Whaddya say, OJ?
    6/16/94 — this Midwest run straight crushes

  137. phaedrus Reply


  138. Seanny P Reply


  139. Joe Reply


  140. Shane Reply

    5/7 Bomb Factory – first LivePhish I ever bought. Was hooked immediately.

    6/17 Eagles Ballroom – 2nd Set Mike’s Jam w/ Mission Impossible teases

    10/31 for obvious reasons

  141. Joe Reply

    4/8/94- Sharp “It’s Ice” and tease-fun “Suzy”
    6/22/94- With score updates in “Icculus”
    10/31/94- Reba and Reba

  142. dave syphers Reply


  143. Reid Reply


    And 12-30-94 for good measure!

  144. zuck Reply

    10/31/94 – my second show
    07/10/94 – my first show
    11/03/94 – my third show

  145. Corey Reply

    4.10.94 Alumni Arena SUNY Buffalo – the show that Trey busted his ankle and still played the drums. He was a hobblin’ trooper that night. Also, nearly everyone on the blue-matted floor “took care of their shoes”…by putting them in a pile preshow and enjoyed the collective search for them postshow.

    6.17.94 WI – RuN OJ, RUN!! One of the best spontaneous sets they ever mustered. Thank you OJ, I think.

    12.29.94 Salem Armory – one of my favorite cassette trades. Anyone here remember trading XLIIs in the mail? I do, I do.

    • Corey Reply

      Uhh, make that 12.1.94 Salem Armory. On 12.29, they were all the way on the other side of the US. Thanks for the music offer. This would be a great package to bring over to Germany in September. Gonna miss these American PHiSH shows…

  146. Mike Reply

    12-29-94. Lassie, c’mere Lassie……

    5-7-94. I like the Cannonball section

    11-12-94 One of best Hoods ever.

  147. Mike Thong Reply

    11-20-94 unreal show
    10-31-94 c’mon the reason we’re all here probably
    6-18-94 required reading

  148. skunky Reply

    6.17.94 – RUNOJRUN
    11.20.94 – my 1st show. Dane County Coliseum, CHACHANG!!!!

  149. Franklin Reply

    Easiest comment ever- October 15, 1994 (Oak Mnt. Amphitheater, Alabama. It was my first time seeing Phish live- and I had front row, stage right (Fish’s side). I was a high school Junior living in Birmingham – was a big DMB fan at the time- saw them several times in the ‘Ham prior. Also more into WSP (my sister was a student at UGA in ’89 and turned me onto them in 90). So I didn’t know what to expect when Phish walked on stage. I remember saying to myself “WTF is the drummer wearing?” Little did I know, that night would change my life forever. Since then, I’ve seen probably 150 shows. I still remember asking my friend Joel- “Was that the f’n song from Space Odyssey??” Little did I know…
    Funny thing- come to find out a good friend of mine I work with now in Atlanta was at that show. Also his first time seeing them. Small world indeed!

  150. L Jost Reply

    6/30/94: One of the great underrated 1994 gigs when months of working out Hoist really made the band go. Must listens: YEM > Jerusalem > YEM, Harpua > Antelope

    12/28/94: Also overlooked next landmark 12/29 Bowie and first ever MSG appearance on 12/30. First and only Mound opener and wicked experimental Mike’s Groove with gorgeous Little Drummer Boy melody melded in ‘Paug. Must listens: Mound opener, nifty short Simple, Suzie > NICU (rare at time) and Mike’s Groove.

    12/10/94: Tour closer in Santa Monica after what I believe is still the heaviest year of work in Phish’s history. Very emblematic of the Hoist > deeper improve transition with tunes like Sample next to long jams. Must listen: CDT Reprise!

  151. Steve N. Reply




  152. Jeremy Reply

    06.22.64, 11.16.94, 11.30.94

  153. Louis Silverman Reply


  154. Neddy Reply

    (that I was at…) 4/9/94, 4/15/94, 10/31/94

  155. Pete Herr Reply

    6/17/94 – Run OJ Run! The sweatiest show ever.
    6/18/94 – Madness. Zappa was perfect.
    11/25/94 – UIC again. So nice.

  156. Troy Holtz Reply

    6/18, 7/13, 10/31.

  157. MightyIcculus Reply


  158. btezra Reply

    *I already entered on Tuesday, July 10 and left my three…but I wanted to note I appreciate all the comments here, I’ve found myself pulling out cassette tapes (yes, cassette tapes, remember those?) of shows I accumulated since my first Phish show 11/30/1992 Metropol/Pittsburgh, PA and I am completely diggin’ all the faves noted here and the reasons why they are faves for all those who have commented – xlnt contest and xlnt advice on what shows to listen to again (and again)

  159. Jeff Klenske Reply

    6/11/94 Red Rocks – Music in the Mountains
    6/14/94 Des Moines Civic Center – Come Back to Iowa
    10/31/94 Glen Falls Civic Center – Beatles

  160. Brent Reply

    Favorite ’94 shows – 10/31/92, 11/30/94, 6/17/94!!

  161. Jackson Richards Reply

    6/25/94 – AMAZING Harry Hood
    12/29/94 – For obvious reasons
    10/31/94 – because i’d be lying to myself if I chose something more obscure.

  162. Ryan Reply

    6/17/94, 10/31/92, 6/14/94

    • Ryan Reply

      whoops 10/31/94**

  163. erik Reply

    12/8/94, 10/31/94, 6/18/94

  164. k Reply

    6/26/94, 11/16/94, 12/29/94

  165. kyle Reply

    6.22.94, 11.17.94 and 11.20.94

  166. James A. Reply

    5/25/94, 5/26/94, 5/27/94

  167. Uncle CK Reply

    6.17.94 – Eagles Ballroom, Milwaukee, WI
    10.31.94 – Glens Falls Civic Center, Glens Falls, NY
    11.26.94 – Orpheum Theatre, Minneapolis, MN

  168. gah Reply


  169. Michael Reply

    6/17/94, 11/25/94, 11/30/94

  170. Michael Reply

    11/30/94 second set Oly was nuts

  171. Dan Reply

    5/7/94 Bomb Factory
    5/27/94 Warfield
    10/29/94 Spartanburg, SC

  172. Richard Reply


  173. Joe Reply


  174. adam Reply


    • camisetas Reply

      Great set! where can I buy it?

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