The Weekly RecommNeds: Pond and Little Barrie

Thanks for tuning in. I live to turn folks on to new music, so I’ll be checking in every week with two or three new albums (i.e. from the last six months) that are worth a listen. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find your new favorite band.

This week I’m looking across both oceans at our Anglophonic rock and roll brethren…

Pond: Beard, Wives, Denim

Heading over the Pacific, let’s start off the column with my favorite new discovery of 2012: Pond. Pond is basically a Tame Impala side-project based in Perth, Australia and their newest album hits a perfect psychedelic rock sweet spot. Great songs (with titles like Fantastic Explosion of Time and Sorry I Was Under the Sky), left-turn guitar jams and music that tells as much a story as the prog-rock lyrics, nearly every track on the album is a gem. This is one of the albums that will begin to sound different… and better the more you listen, so have it. After recommending this album to a tastemaker friend, his email reply was to the point: “Holy f#$%!” which sums up my feelings exactly.


Little Barrie: King of the Waves

Going the other direction, we reach Nottingham, England and Little Barrie. Take a minute to search the internet and you’ll find this power trio pegged with about 20 different genres and sub-genres. From garage rock to R&B to, somehow, rap. It’s probably because their album, King of the Waves, is like a musical mood ring, resonating in different ways depending on your state of mind. The same music becomes pop songs when you’re looking for something to sing along with, tasty 3-man interplay when your mind needs to wander, groovy body-movers when you’re looking to dance and raunchy, greasy guitar/bass/drums when you just want to rock out.


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