Dr Nigel: Seeing In Squares EP

Working on solo projects outside a touring band has become commonplace, but recording and touring with two bands above and beyond a solo career is a rarity. The unassuming focal point of a small, simmering music scene in Boston, keyboardist/composer Neil Larson is usually found bringing the synth-madness to Amun Ra and moonlighting with Nikulydin, but has somehow managed to keep his day job as solo artist, Dr Nigel. Producing music for close to ten years, Larson easily adapts to the ever-changing explorations and stylistic differences of both active bands, but as Dr Nigel, his proper sense of the balance between ambient atmospheres and technological confines is fully revealed.

Pitting the warmth of acid-jazz against the sterility of circuitry, the Seeing in Squares EP is a collection of pensive, mood pieces that travel deep, though never far from center. The title song teeters on the line of heavy dance track, but holds steady before drifting into the rhythmic head-nod beats of

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