Video: Phish – The Wedge / Run Like An Antelope

I recently spent an hour dissecting this month’s Phish shows at Jones Beach for the Type II Cast podcast and upon repeated re-listens I still love both performances. One of the highlights was a bombastic Run Like An Antelope from July 3rd that reached heights unseen for ‘lopes over the past few years. You can see for yourself as the band has shared professionally-shot footage of this outstanding Run Like An Antelope as well as The Wedge that leads into it…

Phish – The Wedge / Run Like An Antelope

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10 thoughts on “Video: Phish – The Wedge / Run Like An Antelope

  1. Andrew weiss Reply

    So good!

  2. Andrew weiss Reply

    This was unreal. Love this Antelope.

  3. tim Reply

    GREAT LOPE … The Wedge is a bit sloppy though, 1 outta 2, I’ll take it.

  4. gtrips Reply

    Best antelope of 3.0??

  5. Augutus Westus Reply

    Amazing clip! I agree – classic Antelope. But what’s up with Mike’s scarf? I thought wearing scarves at outdoor rock shows in July was outlawed awhile back. My guess: hickey from some Williamsburg cutie.

  6. btenem Reply


  7. greyghost Reply

    saratoga s a better version

  8. larry Reply

    What a Great time “Marco” “Gordo”!

  9. kyle Reply

    I was at SPac and it doesnt even begin to compare with this version. Sorry bud

  10. greg Reply


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