Video: Phish – Sneakin’ Sally Jam > Ghost From SPAC

Phish has finally started posting official video from the tour-closing run at SPAC. First up is the peak of the tasty Sneakin’ Sally jam from July 6, 2012 and the entire Ghost that followed. All in all, 17 glorious minutes of Phish. Feast your ears and eyes on this…

Phish – Sneakin’ Sally Jam > Ghost

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6 thoughts on “Video: Phish – Sneakin’ Sally Jam > Ghost From SPAC

  1. henge Reply

    Backwards hat Trey = all business

  2. David Brokamp Reply

    Trey on the prowl playing for the people in the back.

  3. Laurville Reply

    The Sally Jam is probably my favorite jam of 2012. Well maybe, there are too many good ones to choose from. Which as a Phish fan is the

    Best. Problem. Ever.

  4. Kevin Reply

    What’s the story with Trey’s hat? Did he walk out with it on, or did someone toss it on stage?

  5. matt Reply

    someone threw the hat on stage at the end of 1st set and trey grabbed it. He came out with it on for set 2. He wore it for the entire set and then gave it back to that person after the encore.

  6. pmp Reply

    bliss . . .
    golden age of 3.0 indeed

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