Official Gathering of the Vibes Videos: Zappa Plays Zappa / Yonder Mountain String Band / Primus / Strangefolk / Avett Brothers

We’ve been psyched to see many incredible videos from last weekend’s Gathering Of The Vibes have already popped up on the festival’s YouTube channel. While Vibes wasn’t webcast this year, event organizers had multiple professional cameras on hand and have turned around a handful of performances for our viewing/listening pleasure. We picked our five favorite to share.

1. Zappa Plays Zappa – Camarillo Brillo > Muffin Man

Dweezil Zappa and Co. tackle this centerpiece of many a Frank Zappa live show. The guitarist has his father’s tone down, especially during a scorching Muffin Man solo.

2. Strangefolk Reunion – Cabin John

Our first professionally-shot look at the reunited original members of Strangefolk features one of the band’s best-known songs – Cabin John. This 12-minute version starts slow but ends with fretboard fireworks from Jon Trafton.

3. Primus – Tommy The Cat

The Vibes crew has shared this version of the Sailing The Seas Of Cheese classic Tommy The Cat from Primus’s headlining performance on July 19th. The trio used Tommy The Cat as their Vibes encore.

4. Yonder Mountain String Band – Two Hits and the Joint Turned Brown

Rockgrass quartet Yonder Mountain String Band returned to Vibes this year and from their set we’ve got the pot smoking anthem Two Hits and The Joint Turned Brown. We love the bizarre looks mando wiz Jeff Austin gives the Kinfolk in the audience throughout his delivery of the tune.

5. The Avett Brothers – Pretty Girl From Bridgeport

The Avetts can alter the title of their “Pretty Girl From” tune depending on where they are performing, so at Gathering Of The Vibes they paid tribute to the Connecticut city that hosts the fest by laying down Pretty Girl From Bridgeport.

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