Setlist and “Photos” – Move Me Brightly: Bob Weir, Mike Gordon, Joe Russo, Donna Jean, Phil Lesh and More Salute Jerry

Bob Weir assembled a formidable roster of musicians to honor Jerry Garcia for a webcast dubbed Move Me Brightly that originated from the Grateful Dead / Furthur guitarist’s TRI Studios. The broadcast started at 6:30 PM local time with a fantastic 30-minute documentary put together by Justin Kreutzmann. Kreutzmann’s piece, hosted by actor Luke Wilson, included Garcia remembrances from Bill Kreutzmann, Santana, Dave Schools, Keller Williams, Stephen Perkins, Perry Farrell, Jorma Kaukonen, Jack Casady, Mike Campbell, Mickey Hart and David Hidalgo as well as a cameo from Sammy Hagar.

[All Screengrabs From Webcast]

The music started with a surprise appearance from Phil Lesh, who later played a gig with Yonder Mountain String Band at his Terrapin Crossroads venue. Lesh teamed up with Grateful Dead band mates Weir and Donna Jean Godchaux as well as Cardinals’ Neal Casal and Jon Graboff, Jason Roberts (Norah Jones, The Candles), Furthur drummer Joe Russo and keyboardist Jeff Chimenti for a beautiful The Wheel and raucous Cumberland Blues. From there musicians shuffled in and out throughout the set, with Phish bassist Mike Gordon, singer-songwriter Jim Lauderdale, Black Crowes keyboardist Adam McDougall, Harper (Son of Paul) Simon, Yellowbirds’ Josh Kaufman and Sam Cohen, psych-folkie Jonathan Wilson, Bay Area singer-songwriter Cass McCombs, Vampire Weekend drummer Chris Tomson and Hold Steady members Craig Finn and Tad Kubler among those participating in the lengthy set.

Weir sang lead vocals on many of the songs, with standouts from the other singers coming from Mike Gordon on Tennessee Jed, Neal Casal on Ship of Fools, Cass McCombs on Dupree’s Diamond Blues and Jonathan Wilson on Mission In The Rain. Heartbreakers keyboardist Benmont Tench didn’t perform “due to unforeseen circumstances” leaving Chimenti plenty of stage time. The rhythm section of Mike Gordon and Joe Russo also handled their respective duties for the majority of the webcast. Four hours after the music started the show came to a peak with a Franklin’s Tower, U.S. Blues and Goin’ Down The Road segment that featured many of the evening’s musicians. A tender Ripple brought Move Me Brightly to a close at the five-hour mark.

Here’s the setlist as well as which musicians performed on each tune…

The Wheel > Cumberland Blues (Phil Lesh, Bob Weir, Donna Jean Godchaux, Neal Casal, Jon Graboff, Jason Roberts, Joe Russo, Jeff Chimenti), Loser (Casal, Russo, Weir, Mike Gordon, Chimenti, Godchaux, Jim Lauderdale, Roberts, Graboff, Adam McDougall), Mississippi Half Step (Weir, Gordon, Jim Lauderdale, Godchaux, Graboff, Casal, Chimenti, Russo), Dire Wolf (Weir, Harper Simon, Gordon, Russo, Godchaux, Graboff, Chimenti, Josh Kaufman, Sam Cohen), Dupree’s Diamond Blues (Chimenti, Casal, Russo, Gordon, Cass McCombs, Sam Cohen, Josh Kaufman), Tennessee Jed (Chimenti, Casal, Godchaux, Russo, Gordon, Weir, Roberts, Graboff), Ship Of Fools (Chimenti, Casal, Godchaux, Russo, Gordon, Weir, Graboff),  They Love Each Other (Chimenti, Casal, Godchaux, Russo, Weir, Gordon, Jonathan Wilson, Graboff), Bird Song (Chimenti, Casal, Godchaux, Russo, Weir, Gordon, Graboff), New Speedway Boogie (Chimenti, McDougall, Casal, Godchaux, Russo, Weir, Gordon, Roberts, Graboff), Loose Lucy (Weir Solo Acoustic), Friend of the Devil (Lauderdale, Simon, McCombs), Mission In The Rain (Chimenti, Casal, Godchaux, Russo, Gordon, Wilson), Ramble On Rose (Chimenti, Casal, Russo, Weir, Gordon, Wilson), Catfish John (McDougall, Chimenti, Casal, Russo, Godchaux, Gordon, Weir, Wilson, Graboff), Shakedown Street (McDougall, Chimenti, Simon, Godchaux, Chris Tomson, Godchaux, Gordon, Weir, Kaufman, Cohen), Terrapin Station (Chimenti, Godchaux, Russo, Gordon, McCombs, Weir, Kaufman, Cohen, Graboff), He’s Gone (Chimenti, Russo, Godchaux, Weir, Gordon, Kaufman, Cohen, Graboff), Eyes Of The World (McDougall, Chimenti, Simon, Godchaux, Russo, Weir, Gordon, Lauderdale, Kaufman, Cohen, Graboff), Scarlet Begonias (Chimenti, Craig Finn, Tad Kubler, Russo, Godchaux, Weir, Gordon, Kaufman, Cohen, Graboff), Don’t Let Go (Chimenti, Finn, Godchaux, Graboff, Russo, Weir, Gordon, Wilson, Simon), Days Between (Chimenti, Casal, Russo, Weir, Gordon, Kaufman, Wilson, Cohen) > Franklin’s Tower (Chimenti, McDougall, Casal, Russo, Simon, Weir, Wilson, Godchaux, Gordon, Kaufman, Cohen, Graboff, Tomson, Lauderdale), U.S. Blues (Chimenti, McDougall, Casal, Russo, Simon, Weir, Wilson, Godchaux, Gordon, Kaufman, Cohen, Graboff, Lauderdale, Finn), Goin’ Down The Road Feelin’ Bad (Chimenti, McDougall, Casal, Russo, Simon, Weir, Wilson, Godchaux, Gordon, Kaufman, Cohen, Graboff, McCombs, Lauderdale, Finn), Ripple (Chimenti, McDougall, Godchaux, Simon, Wilson, Tomson, Casal, Roberts, Kaufman, Weir, Gordon, Russo, Wilson, Lauderdale, Graboff)

You can view the webcast on-demand at Yahoo! Music starting on Saturday.

We’ve compiled a number of screenshots from this once-in-a-lifetime event…

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23 thoughts on “Setlist and “Photos” – Move Me Brightly: Bob Weir, Mike Gordon, Joe Russo, Donna Jean, Phil Lesh and More Salute Jerry

  1. Dylan F Reply

    This has been an amazing night of music. We miss you Jerry!

  2. Lou C Reply

    A freakin perfect evening of music! wow. improvisation-jams galore!

    the guitar solos from everyone, the keyboards…sick sick sick.

    for a live show everyone was just perfect. gr8 vocals from everyone, everyone sang from the heart. donna, bobby, etc…slow songs great too…what a pace.

    rhythm section guys & that frikin lap steel guy…wtf!!! 😉 pleasant surprises all around for 4.5 hours!

    my 2 favorite types of music into a harmonious whole: grateful dead music & indie!!!!

  3. Lou C Reply



    The Wheel >
    Cumberland Blues
    Mississippi Half Step
    Dire Wolf
    Dupree’s Diamond Blues
    Tennessee Jed
    Ship Of Fools
    They Love Each Other
    Bird Song >
    New Speedway Boogie

    Loose Lucy

    Friend of the Devil
    Mission In The Rain
    Ramble On Rose
    Catfish John
    Shakedown Street
    Terrapin Station
    He’s Gone >
    Eyes Of The World
    Scarlet Begonias
    Don’t Let Go
    Days Between >
    Franklin’s Tower

    U.S. Blues >
    Goin’ Down The Road Feelin’ Bad

  4. Stu Levitan Reply

    Outstanding coverage, Scott. Thanks. An epic night of music.

  5. Lou C Reply


    how rude of me. my apologies.

    Thank you Mr. Bernstein for EXCELLENT live historic writeup & the amazing breakdown of the musicians & vocalists!

    All the very best~!

  6. Debbie F-S Reply

    Yowza. Really amazing. Thanks so much to all, and super kudos to Bobby for creating a truly state-of-the art web streaming concert format.

  7. Seth Meister Reply

    Thanks so much for this. Greatly appreciate the setlist and artists names, etc. Wicked speed on getting it out there too. 🙂

    This was awesome and really, really made me miss Jerry even more than I already did. Thanks for this to Bobby & Phil and everyone else involved in making it possible.

  8. Rob S. Reply

    No surprise, but Gordon @ Terrapin. Haven’t seen Weir…

  9. andy Reply

    Stunning, now THAT was an epic webcast. Felt like a seminal moment for that studio, broadcast platform, and our community as a whole.

    Nice work Bob! ( and how about adopting a few of THOSE covers Gordo – He nailed tennessee jed!)

  10. JG Reply

    What a lovely night of music.

  11. Long Live the Capt Reply

    That was a spectacular tribute to Jerry. As moving as Comes a Time at the Greek several years ago with a lot less fire power !

  12. Tudoggs Reply

    Michael Gordon owns your face

  13. Susan Reply

    Thank you for the great article! An incredible night of music that did indeed ‘move me brightly’. TRI Studios is an amazing feat of technology married to live music and fantastic artists. So much fun!

  14. OceDoc Reply


  15. drive Reply

    Thank you all, for a real good time!

  16. blair jackson Reply

    Nice job, Scott. Hey, check your email…

  17. cactus Reply

    There’s clearly a pic of Billy there, though I don’t see him listed on any of the lineups. Was he just there to hang?

    • Scott Bernstein Reply

      He was part of the pre-recorded documentary that aired before the performance

  18. GratefulGeorge Reply

    HOLY F*#@%IN AWESOME!!!!!!!…..whatta GREAT JAM!!!!

  19. GratefulGeorge Reply

    **I NEED to know if this will be available so I can put it on my ipod and ride my motorcycle for FIVE HOURS straight with a HUGE stupid GRIN on my face the WHOLE TIME!!!! LoL

  20. Little R. Rooster Reply

    Thanks Bob and Donna for bringing this in memory of Jerry…….well I guess Phil too, though he only played 2 songs…..guess he’s either too busy or didn’t like the other players……Oh well, Jerry be pissed at him, as in the past, and what a cosmic giggle that is HA !

    What a beautiful tribute to a man who brought you all your fame and fortune…….and very cool of all the others who showed up to play and participate ! Thanks to TRI and Yahoo too, in the spirit of the Grateful Dead and Jerry himself not putting a price tag on a live performance and allowing the taping of it for those who couldn’t/didn’t see it the original time !

    Jerry was a advanced soul who unfortunately was troubled too, keeping The Grateful Dead family all together and working was a challenging task for him……It likely contributed to him seeking relief through the Heroin, which eventually killed him…..may none of us forget his soul, nor his pain, nor his loyalty and dedication………Rest in Peace Jerry in the place beyond the Milky Way…..send us “ALL” the guidance to do good and be better human beings…….Peace and blessings to his family for what they missed with him in life, as he helped and entertained all of us !

    REMEMBER to live love, be honest, let go of fear and be helpful to other beings and the planet ! That would be a ongoing legacy and tribute to Jerry and the music too !

    • Little R. Rooster Reply

      .well I guess Phil too, though he only played 2 songs…..guess he’s either too busy at his club or didn’t like the other players, though remember Phil, it can’t always be about money……Oh well, Jerry be pissed at him, as in the past, and what a cosmic giggle that is HA !

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