Video: Jerry Garcia On The News – August 9, 1995

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Today we remember Jerry Garcia, the leader of the band, who passed away 17 years ago. Most Deadheads have a story of where they were when they heard the news and what they did the rest of that day. We’d love to hear yours, so please leave it in the comment section below. One of the crazy things about that day was how much coverage Garcia’s death received from the mainstream media. YouTuber DonFlatt assembled nearly 80 minutes worth of clips from that fateful day…

Jerry Garcia On The News

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7 thoughts on “Video: Jerry Garcia On The News – August 9, 1995

  1. Joel Reply

    My wife called me at work and said she thought she had heard on the radio that Jerry had died. I went home for lunch and the news was confirmed. Even though my first child had been born 3 days before, I still cried like a baby.

  2. Catherine Reply

    I was on my way down the shore with girlfriends.. we pulled over on the garden state parkway and cried. for a long time. I was only 17 and had gotten into the dead at about 15 but it still affected me greatly and I was as heartbroken as a lifelong deadhead.

  3. Susan Reply

    I was at my desk at work & a friend called to tell me. I hung up the phone and turned on WNEW in NYC, closed the door to my office & didn’t come out for the rest of the day. When I got home – I lit a memorial candle and cried for a long time. Memories of that day still bring me to tears.

  4. George Reply

    Woke up to our radio alarm and Peggy O was playing, my wife and I looked at each other and smiled as I said “Peggy O on the radio?, that’s odd” after the song the DJ said, all day today we are playing Grateful Dead music in memory of Jerry.

  5. Jordan Reply

    I was 21 at the time. Woke up feeling crappy to begin with. A message on the answering machine was my brother telling me that Jerry Garcia died. Ouch! After all the stuff Garcia had survived, I never thought about him dying. Bad day…

  6. Mike Reply

    I was at a dull business meeting in Seattle with a bunch of non Deadheads and was dying to talk to somebody to share the moment with. Tried to talk about it with a couple different people and drew blank looks. Cut out of the evening meetings, walked down to a park downtown, met up with some kind folks and was finally able to commiserate properly.

  7. Mike Reply

    Had purchased tickets a month or so before to see Ratdog play in Hampton Beach, NH. My close friend with whom I wad going to see Ratdog with got home from work all he said was “guess who died today?” I knew immediately it was Jerry. Thankfully, Bobby didn’t cancel the show slated for that evening. A previously half sold-out show was almost instantaneously sold-out upon the announcement of Jerry’s death. The show was a great tribute to Jerry and ended with a moving Not Fade Away that continued to be sung by everyone after Ratdog left the stage and everyone left the auditorium. The streets of Hampton Beach were filled with people singing for what seemed like hours “…you know our love won’t fade away…”

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