The Mellors: Jesus Christ Made Seattle Under Protest


Emerging from the rubble of two of Seattle, Washington’s most celebrated bands, Tuffy and Floyds Ranch, The Mellors surfaced in late 2004. Led by singer/songwriter/guitarist Jamie Lane, the band’s self-titled debut was uncharacteristic from the majority of groups in the Emerald City as it embraced a Mid-Western sound that is organic with just a touch of Southern twanginess. Lane’s musical background is vast and all encompassing as he has dabbled in everything from jazz to heavy-riff grunge. Like in Floyds Ranch, he now draws inspiration from legendary songwriters such as Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan and Townes Van Zandt.

On the Northwest trio’s sophomore effort, Jesus Christ Made Seattle Under Protest, Jamie Lane and company switch gears and revert back to Lane’s lively garage rock roots.  Ditties such as the  title track and the three chord fist pounder “Beautiful Life” feature the rare guitar work and heavy beats as they prove they aren’t a one trick pony.  They tackle the Lennon penned Beatle song “She Said She Said” and add organ amongst tempered guitar work for a recognizable version of the classic tune.  The band returns to their roots with an alt. country timbre on “Port Angeles” with all the guts and glory of a Flying Burrito Brothers number.  While the disc only clocks in at 19 minutes, it shows more versatility than their first effort proving they are continuing to grow.

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