Kunek: Flight of the Flynns


Upon first hearing Flight of the Flynns, I thought surely there is some mistake. There’s a level of sophistication on this unassuming debut that suggests a band at the top of their game rather than one just starting their career.  With the proper melding of piano, cello, guitar, drums and a cache ranging from accordion to xylophone, the young Kunek creates a powerhouse of restraint. Their exquisitely crafted changes in chords and tempo would make a seasoned jazz musician envious. Jesse Tabish’s morphine laced, everyman’s voice glides across the music with complete direction, solidified by bandmate/producer Eric Kiner.

Kunek doesn’t belong in the ambient bin, as it’s a bit more Badly Drawn Boy with a couple of Beatles moments thrown in, but most fans of the genre would appreciate the album.  Comparisons aside and regardless of where they are on the music career ladder, Flight of the Flynns is a superb accomplishment.

For more info see: http://www.kunek.net

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